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  • The statute of limitation runs out next year for his rape charge, he needs to go there first for justice to be served (if the US get his hands on him, they’ll fight like anything to charge and not let him go again). He can go to the US once he comes out of Swedish jail if found guilty.

  • It’s a very old and simple trick to ‘spoof’ email. One can easily send mail that, on first glance, appears to be from or similar. Some spammers will forge the From: field, as it may get them through a spam filter and it has more chance of being opened by the victim.

    As has been mentioned above, get a geek to look at the…[Read more]

  • Thanks everyone. I wonder if you can do a months trial on them to see how they are?

    So do you all do your own tax without an accountant? Or just record things on there and then pass it to an accountant at the end of year?

    I am hoping to maybe do most it myself and then hand it to an accountant to do the last bits and the actual return online. Is…[Read more]

  • Does anyone have any recommendations for some accountancy software for a small e-commerce business?

    I’ve looked at a few that have subscriptions between £6 and £10 per month. All sound good. Looked at Sage One, Zoho Books and Xero.

    I need to be able to do inventory tracking on it too.

    I have an accountant this year but to be quite honest, h…[Read more]

  • Use Linux.

    If I choose to put Linux back onto my old devices, will this actually help reduce the risk and spread of ransomware on my little home network of computers, tablets and phones?

    The only thing at home which will have Windows will be my desktop computer. I have no intention of using Linux on that simply because I haven’t found anything…[Read more]

  • If I ever found a machine of mine was compromised, I would literally destroy it by fire.

    @lucky Don’t please. Watching Mr Robot gives me the willies as it is.

    When Elliot gets exceptionally spooked, he fries computer chips in his microwave. I know it’s only a drama, but what is he supposed to be doing and why?

  • To the OP; there’s no need to buy a new laptop to get rid of ransomware. Provided you have regular OS and data backups, you can restore the laptop. I might be tempted to do a low-level format on the HDD first, though.

    Even though my sister is an intelligent individual, she has no desire to learn how to solve such problems.

    As for me, I keep…[Read more]

  • My sister told me today that during her last week working in Bratislava, her laptop was encrypted with a demand for £300.

    For her the laptop and contents were not with the agro so she bought a new laptop.

    I, however have a lot of personal photos and stuff that are, to me, priceless. I also have a bit more kit than an aged laptop that I would…[Read more]

  • I think the quickest and most effective way is to ring the hotel, point out you want to make a complaint and ask to speak to the manager. That way you will immediately find out what the hotel is prepared to do. The manager may give instances of what has happened in the past and how best to deal with it. You don’t have to make it a complaining call…[Read more]

  • I love interior design but hate furniture shopping!

    “Please take my money and give me the item”
    ” we do 3 years interest free”
    ” no, I have money, please take my money and give it to me”
    ” we don’t hold stock, takes 4 months to deliver”
    ” but I have a big car trailer, can’t i just give you my money and you give me the item?”
    “No we don’t sell…[Read more]

  • my brother is the watch manager in a high end jewellers and could probably offer you a fair unbiased opinion. He is working till 7 tonight but if you want me to ask him what he would need to know I can message you later. Do you need an insurance valuation or a sales price?

  • Mine started around 60(and I was a runner as well.) Thought STAMPING my foot a few times would “click” it back in place and wore knee brace while running. Finally doctor did xrays and said to stop running or ELSE. Surgeon wants to replace it at 65, in three months, but the idea of hobbling around and then reeducation doesn’t sound inviting.…[Read more]