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  • If the US government wanted to “get” Assange, they “could” set up some deep cover sting/honeypot operation using either US spies so deep undercover that everyone thinks they are Swedish, or Swedish spies pretending to be rape victims, in some sort of complex conspiracy spanning multiple countries and requiring co-operation of multiple nation…[Read more]

  • Loving your “outrage”.

    Not sure what part of my clarification and apology you don’t understand – but just for your reassurance – the Swedish claim is an allegation that a rape offence has occurred.

    At no point have I suggested he is guilty, and given my (too many) posts on Assange, I think my position on that is pretty clear.

    Not sure how you…[Read more]

  • I’m terribly sorry, if anyone felt that I was going to far when I said “Swedish offence” rather than “Swedish allegation”.

    Obviously it should have been two Swedish allegations, but Assange successfully “waited out” the first one. Still, it’s just an allegation, so that’s alright then.

    As for your links regarding the dissection of an untried…[Read more]

  • I’d hope Sweden get first bite of the cherry….

    Not sure about the exact legal position, but Swedish offence was first, Swedish offence is the reason he is now in custody, Swedish offence has a time bar of Aug 2020, Swedish offence carries more serious penalty (life Vs 5/6 years). Edit to add – He can go from Sweden to US, but not the other way…[Read more]

  • Oh please let me know where to register a complaint with these ambulance chasers?

    I can list at least a dozen recruitment companies that seem to think that they can legally keep me on their database because they need to render a “service” that I have been trying to get away from for five years: offering me obscene amounts to move back to…[Read more]

  • I think it is great news, businesses can only keep information on you if you agree OR they have a valid business reason.

    Recognising you as a potential customer is sufficient reason to keep your email address indefinitely. Keeping your DOB is a whole different level of detail and requires either:

    a) a statutory basis, or

    b) your consent.