• She says my email account must have been hacked.

    “Must have been”, no. Anyone with a modicum of programming skills can send email purporting to be from anyone.

  • Firstly, I think it’s a good thing – although it’s a bit of a headache for many businesses just now.

    I think it is great news, businesses can only keep information on you if you agree and they have a valid business reason.

    Not quite – it’s if you agree (consent) OR they have a valid business reason (contractural obligations, legal compliance,…[Read more]

  • @carl Theses private companies are responsible for catastrophic errors resulting in people committing suicide through desperation. They have also been declaring people ‘fit for work’ thus not eligible for ESA and/or PIP, and thousands of these people have died within a few weeks. Theses companies are set targets to reduce or stop altogether the…[Read more]

  • @tom Yes you can do a trial with Quickbooks. It’s quite normal to do most of it yourself and then pass over at the end of the year; however you may want to discuss with an accountant before you sign up; as often the accountant can sign you up and get you a better deal; plus they can set you up properly rather than you muddling through. We offer a…[Read more]

  • Lol, last xmas me and my partner pottered around all the local furniture shops to replace our 2 x sofa’s. Despite trying lots, the only one we agreed on was more than double the top price we were willing to go to.
    So, we didn’t buy anything…. we still have a decent 2 seater, and the 3 seater we use daily is still as scruffy and collapsing worse…[Read more]

  • If you take it to a jewellers and ask for a valuation for insurance purposes they will give you the price it’s worth- obviously dealers will offer a bit less than this as they have to make money on it but you will have an idea

  • A few years back, one of my knees was getting swollen and I was really struggling to bend it – Went to doctor who said start of arthritis and sent me for x ray so they have it on file as a starting point. She said too young to start looking at a replacement (similar age to use and pretty much similar in other respects weight, job etc). That did…[Read more]