• mandy replied to the topic Has my email been hacked? in the forum General chat 12 months ago

    Thanks all. My gmail account doesn’t think anything is wrong, but I have changed the password. My Avast antivirus has given me a clean bill of health.

  • I’ve had a friend phone me to say that she has received 5 emails from ‘me’, which weren’t from me. She says my email account must have been hacked. I’ve never had this happen before. Could someone explain exactly what I should do? If I set up a new email for example, what do I do with the old account? How do I make sure all…[Read more]

  • I absolutely love it.

    Over the last few weeks I’ve had a constant stream of e-mails asking permission to keep spamming me and to keep my details. No no no.

    Sitting on the other side it seams like those of my colleagues who deal with this just have to do it properly and can’t be lazy anymore.

    Did I say I love it. I think the entire int…[Read more]

  • Another recommendation for QuickBooks here. I used it a few years ago and found it nice and straight forwards. OH now uses it in app format and is actually doing his accounts now (virtually unheard of that he will do the paperwork side of things unless he has too)