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  • @spotty Actually I did think you went too far when you said offence rather than allegation. How would you feel if I called you a thief on the grounds of the baseless and laughable allegation that I made higher up the thread that you stole my pencil?

    If you deny the protection of the law to people you don’t like, it won’t be there to protect you…[Read more]

  • You seem to be a bit muddled when it comes to the “Swedish offence” and the Swedish investigation into a rape allegation. I may make an allegation that you just stole my pencil to write your comment, but that does not make the allegation anything other than laughable.

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  • Well yes of course the those running things who are employed by state work in bastion of efficiency ,never make a wrong decision , always treat the tax payer and those using the services they provide with dignity and give a good service.
    Does anyone really think that life is as simple as state good private bad or vice versa.
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