• Good point. Bots have made my shy away from doing that too my detriment, so I need to find a way to include more contact information without being spammed as im guessing spammers arent too fused about laws.

  • The first causality to GDPR looks as though it is WHOIS information… Good news I guess as no longer have to worry about getting spam from people harvesting whois contact details or paying extra for private whois.

  • OP, you have received a Parking Charge, NOT an enforceable Parking Penalty and there’s a difference. Those who operate parking conditions on privately owned land have now been granted the right to trace vehicle owners and whilst that may be seen as granting these private companies some sort of authority, there are no implied rights in…[Read more]

  • Fart me! You bought one the same day as you started looking? It took us three years to find sofas and chairs we liked. They are Duresta, verrrrrrry expensive, but worth the money and the wait.

  • Thanks for the thoughts. I did have a stupid trip 3 weeks ago but no broken skin at all and only minor bruising to the front of that knee. It’s not hot feeling though just the fluid collection. Will book a blood test/doc appt as a precaution.

  • Just wondering if what I’m seeing/feeling is the start of aged rider knee and early signs of osteoarthritis! Nearly 55, relatively fit/slim and active. I don’t get any aching pain or heat at all or the grinding that you read about with arthritis but at end of every day I have noticed I now have a swelling of fluid in the skin above and more…[Read more]