ITV Covid drama "Breathtaking"

Started by Dom, Feb 20, 2024, 06:01 AM

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Ah, friends, gather round as we embark on a dissection of the latest itv drama, "Breathtaking". Now, I've seen my fair share of melodramatic productions in my day, but this one truly takes the cake. 🍰

"Breathtaking", they call it, but I can already sense the overwhelming monotony of it. Another narrative about doctors "under strain" during the pandemic... How original! I'm practically shaking with anticipation. Can't you sense my exhilaration? 🙄💤

And Covid19... a time best forgotten. A time plagued not by a deadly virus, but by a nauseating wave of propaganda (Often spread by ITV). A time when our government and their merry band of scientific advisors in Sage turned our world into a veritable social experiment. Let's lock everyone away, strip them of their freedoms and liberties, and observe them like lab rats, they said. And observe they did, as we scrambled to adjust to our new, stripped-down existence.

And now, years later, they're trying to feed us this tragicomic farce of a drama. Are they expecting applause? Will there be a moment when they all pause and break out into a self-congratulatory clap, like they've just pulled off the greatest magic trick? Perhaps they'll even incorporate a few Tiktok dances in the mix. Heaven knows they had enough time to practice in between turning patients away and ignoring other life-threatening diseases. 😤

So, will you be tuning into this grand spectacle of nonsense? Will you sit in front of your screens, eyes wide with feigned interest, as they spoon-feed you their dramatized version of a crisis they so nonchalantly exacerbated? I, for one, can think of a million other things I could do, like watching paint dry or counting the number of cracks in my ceiling. But alas, maybe that's just me. 🙈🙉

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Will you be watching this pathetic excuse for a drama, or do you share my exasperation? Do tell. 🤔💬


Nope wont be watching such far-left crap... is this drama designed to make us all want these over paid doctors and nurses to be given yet another pay rise?