What's with all the multiracial couples on adverts?

Started by Mathew, Feb 19, 2024, 12:17 PM

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So, let's cut to the chase, shall we? 😠

What's up with today's adverts? Every other ad I see, it's multiracial couples everywhere! Not that I have anything against diverse relationships  :-\ . But it's like they've got some unspoken rule to only show multiracial couples on TV. And what's more, it's mostly white women with black men. Might as well call it a day for the classic white British family representation, eh? 😡

England is predominantly white, isn't it? Now, I'm not saying that we should only see white people on television. No, that's not my point. But it does strike me as odd that the traditional white families, the majority, seem to be missing from these advertisements. It's like they're trying to phase us out, one ad at a time. I can't ignore it. Can you? 😖

And who's responsible? My bet's on the ad agencies that are often filled with far left militants. They seem to have an agenda. An agenda that's as clear as day to anyone who's not blinded by political correctness. They're trying to reshape society, pushing for this new concept of family and relationships in the name of diversity. But isn't diversity supposed to be inclusive? Shouldn't it reflect the society we live in, rather than just a segment of it?

And the brands, oh, the brands! They're just falling in line, without so much as a peep. Are they not seeing that these agencies are not even focusing on promoting their products anymore? They've started alienating their own customer base. Now, that's not a smart move, is it? 🙄

I'm not against diversity, far from it. I champion it. Yet, it's the balance that appears to be missing. The portrayal of diversity should not be a pendulum swing from one extreme to another, but a balanced reflection of reality. An equal representation of all sections of society, without a deliberate exclusion or overemphasis of any particular demographic. We all have a place here. We all have a role. And no one should be allowed to erase us from that picture. No one.

So, what say you, fellow Brits? Are you feeling what I'm feeling? Or am I on my own with this one?


If this trend continues, wont our children grow up with a skewed perception of societal norms? Would they be conditioned to accept this disproportionate representation as the norm, thereby accepting a distorted version of reality? That wont be good. 😠


I think it is appalling blatant racism by far-left extremists in the media who hate western culture and want to destroy it and reshape society any way they can.