Is Donald Trump a Christian or using it for his own political gain?

Started by JamesH, Feb 19, 2024, 11:12 AM

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Have you seen that latest video of Donald Trump? The one where he has the audacity to suggest, "So God Sent Donald Trump!" and claims that Trump is the shepherd for mankind 😡

"So God loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 NIV. This verse is a cornerstone of Christian belief. Is Donald Trump our shepherd? Is he the one sent to guide us to salvation? NO!

I am a hardcore conservative! I don't want the democrats back in power. But manipulating Christian values to secure votes? That's a new low, even for Trump. 😱

You see, the video paints Trump as the shepherd for all mankind. But let's not forget who the REAL shepherd is. Jesus Christ himself. Doesn't Trump realize that by comparing himself to Jesus, he's stepping onto sacred ground? Does he not see the blasphemy in his actions?

But then again, this is soooo typical of Trump. He is clearly trying to manipulate and deceive the American Christians into voting for him. He is using the Bible, Christianity, and our faith for his own gain. Absolutely unacceptable! 👿 Can we really trust someone who uses our holy faith for political gains?

Let's not forget the way Trump talks about women, the insults he hurls, and his complete disregard for the poor. These are not the signs of a man filled with the fruit of the Spirit. Instead, they reveal a man who is merely using Christianity as a pawn in his game of power.

Speaking about power, have you noticed how Republicans are increasingly siding with Putin? The interview with Putin was pure propaganda! It's heartbreaking to see them ignore the real patriots in Ukraine, who are laying their lives down in defense against Putin's invading army. Is siding with an ex-KGB Soviet Union thug over helping Ukrainians defend their country truly conservative or right-wing? I think not!

And now, I want to hear from you. Leave a comment below. Do you think Trump is a Christian? Should he be posting such videos, essentially casting himself as a messiah-like figure?

Let's not allow our faith to be manipulated for political gains shall we? Let's stand up against this blasphemous act!