Isn't it time we CENSORED Google?

Started by Dom, Feb 19, 2024, 10:58 AM

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Well, well, well, isn't it high time we shoved Google off its undeserved throne? Why the hell should one giant get to monopolize the internet, amiright? 🔥

They have an iron grip on the internet search world. It's abuse central, folks! It's like one giant, self-serving utility company holding every lightbulb in the world hostage. 💡

Google loves stomping on the little guys. Countless small businesses, both online and offline, get tossed aside, demoted to the furthest depth of the internet and never to be seen unless they cough up the cash for Google's extortionate advertising. 😡

I mean, come on! A small business can't swing a hefty ad fee without it eating into their revenue meaning scam businesses that rake it in by ripping off their customers can have all the share of the pie.

Oh, and let's not forget about all the fake health products. Google's got no respect for your wellbeing, folks. Look up any health product online and you'll be swamped with fake, scam-ridden stores selling everything from miracle weight loss pills to eternal youth serums. And guess what? These guys are paying Google top dollar to get their phony products in your face. 🤑

They've been busted before for promoting illegal pharmacies (that killed people). But do they care? Hell, no. They're too busy counting their blood money. It's a clear indication that Google's profits come way before their users. And it's run by, I'm sorry to say, a bunch of bloody scumbags!

And how about the political censorship? Like we don't have enough of that in the world already. Did you know that Google has teamed up with some ridiculous comment platforms like Disqus to create a AI mega-filters. So, if your opinion doesn't fit their mould, boom! You're out.

And don't get me started on the spying. Google would put Big Brother to shame. They're watching us, people! And it's all just for their damn ads. Creepy? You bet. Illegal? You'd think. But nope, Google's got its grubby hands in every government cookie jar.

You see, they've got everyone on a leash. From the Democrats to the Republicans, from Downing Street to the furthest reaches of the globe. Google's doling out 'donations', having 'advisors' in high places, and basically buying their way out of everything.

So, for the love of all that's holy, isn't it about time that we ditch this crap? If our governments won't stand up to Google's reign of terror, maybe it's time we did. We need to break up this power-hungry monster of a search engine, once and for all. 💪

But, hey, what do you think? Is Google the bane of the internet, or am I just blowing hot air here? Let me know.


If you ask me its about time that google was put in its place.