Review: "HealthAndCare" - A Scam Preying on Vulnerable People!

Started by MelWilson, Jun 18, 2024, 08:56 AM

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to share my recent experience with "healthandcare" and urge you all to beware of this so-called health care site. It's a scam that's peddling low-quality, overpriced junk and preying on people who need real medical products.

First off, this isn't just any bad experience—this is a warning! "Healthandcare" claims to sell high-quality medical products, but in reality, they are pushing cheap, poorly made items from China that meet no medical standards. Can you believe the audacity of charging exorbitant prices for this trash? They are tricking vulnerable people who are looking for genuine help.

Let me tell you about my elderly mother. She suffers from multiple health conditions, including arthritis, chronic pain, and mobility issues. She ordered a product from "healthandcare" that was supposed to help alleviate her symptoms. Instead, it made everything worse! The product arrived in shoddy packaging, clearly low-quality, and when she used it, it actually aggravated her arthritis and increased her pain levels. How can they get away with this?

When I tried to contact "healthandcare" to return the product and ask for a refund, all my emails were ignored. Yes, ignored! Can you imagine needing help and being completely dismissed? They are rip-off merchants, plain and simple. Don't trust them, and don't trust the dodgy garbage they are selling.

Has anyone else had similar experiences with this company? Please share your reviews and stories below. Let's warn as many people as possible!

Additionally, I'll be posting tips and tricks to help you avoid such online scams because what happened to my mother has really upset me. I don't want anyone else to fall into the same trap.

Looking forward to hearing your experiences and keeping each other safe!

Stay cautious.


Here's the good news: there's a way to FIGHT BACK and GET YOUR MONEY BACK—it's called a chargeback.

What's a chargeback, you ask? Simple. It's when your bank reverses the transaction, snatching your money right out of the scammer's grubby paws. And, oh, it's SO satisfying. Not only do you get your precious money back, but the bank also fines the scammy company! Sweet justice, isn't it?

Step-by-step, here's how you do it:

1.Contact your bank IMMEDIATELY.
2.Explain that you were SCAMMED by HealthandCare.
3.Provide all the transaction details.
4.Sit back and let the bank do all the hard work for you.

Why is a chargeback so effective? Because the banks HATE these scammers too! They hit them where it hurts—their pockets. We've got power, people, and we need to use it!

Got scammed by HealthandCare? Or was it one of their other shady fronts like shoeinoles, raynaudsdisease, silvergloves, safetygloves, or walkingsticks? Or some OTHER scam site? Tried to get a refund and got ignored? I feel your pain. Share your horror stories below. Let's unite and bring these crooks down together!

Who's with me? Let's fight back and spread the word!

Post your experiences and reviews below! We'll show them we won't be messed with!


My elderly mother fell victim to their disgusting scam, and I can't just sit here and do nothing. They sell garbage. Potentially dangerous products. At rip-off prices!

They prey on the elderly, the vulnerable—those desperate and suffering folks willing to try anything to ease their pain. Healthandcare doesn't mind ripping these people off, providing them not with solutions but with dangerous junk that could harm them! It makes me sick—sick and furious! How dare they? It's pure evil.

In the UK, health products by law need to adhere to various regulations—regulations designed to protect us! Yet, Healthandcare? They couldn't care less about such standards. They peddle low-quality products that are cheaply made in China and available for pennies elsewhere. But Healthandcare? They charge a fortune!

These products do not meet medical standards. They could do more harm than good. Why should we stand for this? Why should anyone? These dodgy products and brands need to be shut down by Trading Standards. Not only are they ripping people off, but they are also selling harmful products. It's an outrage!

If you've been scammed by Healthandcare, report them! Report them to Trading Standards! The more of us who file a report, the more likely it is that the scammer behind these websites gets what they deserve. Don't let them get away with it!

This isn't just my battle—it's all of ours. Share your experiences below. Let's expose these pigs for what they are!

**Standards Matter!
Your Health Matters!
Act Now!