Review: Amazon web services (AWS) is RUBBISH!!!

Started by Davey, Jun 18, 2024, 05:56 AM

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Alright folks, listen up! AWS is just overhyped, overpriced rubbish! I started using it to host my online store, and within TWO WEEKS, my site got hacked—taken over completely! Hadn't even started using it properly yet; just pointed my domain with a simple placeholder HTML file. Baffling, I know! Contacted Amazon, and they confirmed a hacker had taken control of the server. No apology, just said it would be fixed soon. A week passed, still the hacker's in control, using my site to peddle his illegal pharmacy! Contacted Amazon AGAIN, same old garbage—like they weren't even bothered. Switched to a different, more affordable host, and things have been so much better and cheaper. Anyone else had the same nightmare experience?


I feel your pain with AWS. Seriously, it's like they're riding this wave of hype without delivering squat. I had my own crappy time with them not too long ago....

For one, the pricing is just all over the place. What seems like a reasonable plan quickly balloons into a hefty monthly bill. And don't even get me started on the performance issues. My site's load times were downright dreadful, driving away visitors faster than you can say "AWS sucks."

I even gave their new generative AI features a shot, thinking it might give me an edge in data analysis. What a joke! The results were not only slow but also incredibly off-the-mark, making the whole experience a complete waste of time and money. I found myself spending more time troubleshooting than actually getting any valuable insights.

Switched to a different, more affordable host, and man, what a difference. Faster speeds, reliable customer support, and none of those sneaky hidden charges. It's beyond me how AWS can charge so much for such lousy service.

Hang in there and good luck with whoever you're using now!



Mate, totally agree! AWS is a joke. Couple years ago I went with them and had my database compromised within days of setting it up. Contacted support, they acted like it was my fault! It's just a money pit and security nightmare. Switched to another host, and it's been smooth sailing ever since. AWS is a no-go for me!


I hear you, mate. AWS is all about the hype. Speed? Non-existent. My site took ages to load, and every time I contacted customer service, I got the same canned responses. It's like talking to a brick wall. Why give Bezos more money when there are better and cheaper options out there?


Spot on. AWS is daylight robbery! I was using it for my small business, and the costs just kept piling up. And what do you get in return? Poor value for money, slow speed, and non-existent customer service. It's like they're daring you to leave, and I did. Best decision ever!