End of the Conservative party? ;D

Started by JamesH, Jun 04, 2024, 12:04 PM

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Loads of Tories (rats) are jumping ship and aren't standing in this year's election. They know they'll lose their seats because for the last 14 years, the Tories have torn this country apart and only served themselves and big businesses. Our economy is in tatters, public services are at breaking point. Is this the end of the so-called Conservative Party? I really hope so. They've been in power my whole adult life and I'm sick of them. :-*


Couldn't agree more. The Tories have been a disaster for the working class. They've sold us out for their mates in big business. Reform UK is the only party with real policies, like taxing businesses that use immigrant workers more. We need someone like Nigel Farage who actually cares about this country!


Totally with you both! Labour and Tories are the same now. Reform UK is offering real change. At least Farage has a track record of caring about Britain. The current government is a joke.


The Conservatives have done nowt but line their own pockets and those of their rich pals. The NHS is on its knees, police are starved of funds so cannot fight crime, pot holes everywhere and ordinary working folk like us are left to pick up the pieces. Labour, sadly, isn't much better. They talk the talk, but walk the same neoliberal walk. Reform UK, on the other hand, seems to be offering real change. Taxing companies that use immigrant workers more national insurance could help level the playing field for British workers. Why should big businesses get away with exploiting cheap labour while our own citizens struggle to find decent jobs? Nigel Farage might be controversial, but at least he's got the guts to stand up for Britain."


I've seen a few governments in my time. These Tories are the worst of the lot. They've sold off everything that wasn't nailed down, and now we're left with nothing. Public services? A joke! They've allowed so much immigration that our communities feel unrecognizable. It's not about being against immigrants as people; it's about the sheer numbers and the strain it puts on our services and social fabric. Labour is just as bad; they promise change but deliver more of the same. Reform UK is talking sense. A clampdown on immigration and making companies pay their fair share? That's the way forward. Nigel Farage for PM? Why not? At least he seems to care about our country.


I'm 23 and never known anything but Tory rule. I reckon we're well past due for a change. The Conservatives and Labour are two sides of the same coin – both cozying up to big businesses and not giving a toss about us. Reform UK's policy on taxing businesses that use immigrant labour more heavily is genius. It could dissuade them from hiring cheap labour and maybe even force them to invest in training British workers. We need to control immigration not just for the sake of jobs but also to preserve our culture and identity. I'm all for Nigel Farage as PM. At least he's got the backbone to make tough decisions for the good of ordinary folks like us.