Nasty party to take benefits off those with depression and anxiety! :'(

Started by LiberalLioness, Apr 29, 2024, 07:33 AM

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The tory party view our society's most vulnerable as some sort of scapegoat for their own incompetence and greed. These new welfare reforms are nothing but a sham, a cheap facade for a ruthless bullying campaign against those who truly need our support. Depression, anxiety - these are serious conditions, not just some hurdles one can leap over with a snap. And what's even more infuriating is the audacity to strip our hardworking GPs of their rightful position to deem whether a person is capable of work or not. Are these non-medical bureaucrats supposed to be more qualified than our doctors now?


Mate, I couldn't agree more. The Tories have always known how to stir the pot, and not in a good way. Pushing back the election, pushing these reforms, it's all just a game to them. A game at the expense of our most vulnerable. And the twist? It's not even cost-effective. Hiring a legion of pen-pushers will cost more than they could ever save. And then there's the effect on mental health - worsened conditions, increased suicide rates, and a greater strain on the NHS. It's a nightmare, it truly is.


The Tory party, with its lockdown and restrictions, has already damaged our mental health beyond belief. Now, they're just pouring salt on the wound.


Quote from: Ian on Apr 29, 2024, 07:34 AMThe Tory party, with its lockdown and restrictions, has already damaged our mental health beyond belief. Now, they're just pouring salt on the wound.

Yup, it seems like the Tories are enjoying this, taking pleasure in this sadistic game. They're playing with the lives of real people, causing a domino effect of misery. This isn't just about the welfare reforms anymore, it's about the whole system being corrupt.


 I'll tell you something, this whole situation just proves we're not living in a democracy. We're living under a dictatorship. It's just a sick, twisted joke.


Absolutely right. This country deserves better. We all deserve better. This isn't democracy, it's a farce. The Tories should never be in power again, and frankly, I've got no faith in Labour either.


I'm with you all. The Tories, Labour, all of them. They're all as bad as each other. We need someone who actually cares about the people, someone who's not just out for themselves.


Depression and anxiety are at an all-time high, thanks to their mishandling of the pandemic. Instead of helping, they're just trying to add to the chaos.

This ain't about saving money; it's about control. They're delaying the elections just so they can enjoy their last power trip. But the joke's on them. We're not blind. We see their corruption, their greed, and their sadistic pleasure in our suffering.


These so-called reforms are nothing but a sick joke. This will only strengthen the vicious cycle of mental health issues. The rise in suicide rates, an increase in homelessness, and a growing burden on the NHS are just the start.

When Labour steps in, they won't change a thing. They're all the same, every one of them, politicians sitting on their high horses while we suffer.