Enough is Enough - Google's Reign of TERROR on the Internet NEEDS to End!!! 😡

Started by Mathew, Apr 05, 2024, 10:56 AM

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Have you ever seen a company as disgusting as Google? Yes, you read that correctly. DISGUSTING! They have an insatiable appetite for power, and they're not afraid to misuse their position as the top search engine provider to get it. Censorship, rigging search results in their favor, manipulating politics, and forcing their skewed societal views on us all - it's a grim reality, and we NEED to take a stand. 😤😠

Small businesses like mine are being squeezed out, forced to buy their extortionately priced ads just to remain visible. The ROI? It's non-existent! Essentially, we're slaves to Google, working for peanuts while they sit back and rake in the profits. It's pure exploitation, and it wreaks of an online extortion racket.

As if these egregious acts weren't enough, they don't even pay their fair share of taxes! It's a double blow to the economy as they stifle small business growth and avoid taxes. They might as well be stealing from our pockets directly!!!

They don't even deserve to dominate, just take a look at their latest AI tech. To call it garbage would be an understatement. If you ask me people only use Google out of habbit. Are we really going to let these greedy, socially inept nerds continue to rule the world?

Our self serving corrupt politicians will not do a thing about it... because of Googles immense political donations - hefty sums of money handed over to anyone willing to turn a blind eye to their unscrupulous activities. Corruption at its finest, right? Left? Doesn't matter who, as long as they let Google continue with their unchecked power.

We need to stop the cycle, break free from their chains, and STOP using their subpar services. Or, better yet, toss 'em all in jail! That's where they'd end up if it were up to me. 😒😠

What do you all think? Are you still using Google to search the internet? Do you know of any better alternatives? Has your small business been affected by Google's monopoly?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether Google should be broken up into tiny pieces so that it can never harm us again. Let's open up the conversation - your voice matters, and it's time it was heard! Comment below and let's get this conversation going. 💪😡💔