Is it time Google was finally broken up?!

Started by Mathew, Apr 05, 2024, 10:38 AM

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Google is a disgusting company, there I've said it. Its manipulation and censorship are causing an irreparable damage to countless small businesses. The company's dominance as the top search engine provider has granted it an unfair advantage, enabling it to rig the economy in its favor, swaying politics, and manipulating society to align with its own warped views.

This unchecked power should worry us all. No company should wield such influence, especially when it continues to misuse it, choking the competition and making it almost impossible for others to thrive.
This search engine has been running rampant, unabated, bulldozing small businesses to the ground. It's as if they deliberately want to crush the dreams and aspirations of small business owners, forcing them to buy their exorbitantly priced ads that are barely worth it.

Let's not forget, this search engine is practically swimming in money but won't pay its fair share of taxes. It's a double blow to the economy, their tax evasion and their ruthless crushing of small businesses.

And what's worse, our politicians are doing nothing about it. They won't, because this search engine has its financial tendrils wrapped around political parties of every stripe! It's a corruption fest! A clear conflict of interest!

Honestly, they do not deserve their dominant position. Their latest AI tech is laughable. It's embarrassing how much they've faltered from their earlier glory. The answer is clear - we need to stop using this search engine. It's the only way to loosen its stranglehold on the digital economy.

So, I'm eager to hear your thoughts. Do you use this search engine? Have your businesses also suffered due to their monopolistic practices? Do you think this search engine should be disintegrated into a thousand fragments to prevent it from doing any more damage? Let me know below! 😤

PS: There are better alternatives out there Duckduckgo. Do give them a try! Let's take back the power from the tech giants!