Be careful of snake oil health products online!

Started by Dom, Feb 19, 2024, 06:24 AM

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😡Hey folks, be careful out there! I made a mistake and bought a knee brace for my elderly relative from an online shop. I don't want to break the rules and mention the site's name, but let's just say it's one of those sites that pops up everywhere when you search for health care products... and begins with Podo and ends in brace! My relative had a nasty fall and we were just looking for something to help with the pain. But this brace was the pits! It cost an arm and a leg and it just made the pain worse. When we tried to return it, we got nothing but radio silence. 🤬


🧐That's rough, mate. I've seen more and more of these so-called health sites popping up. They're selling products that haven't been tested properly and do not meet regulatory standards, making bogus health claims left and right. It's a joke! The people behind them don't have the faintest idea about medicine or health - they're just out to make a quick buck.😤


It's heartbreaking, really and makes me so angry. These scammers are preying on the most vulnerable among us - folks who are in pain, looking for help. We all need to be more vigilant. Be aware of where you're buying from. Don't trust everything you read online. And always, always be protective of your personal information. It's a crazy world out there. 😠


Exactly! We need to fight against these scammers. They have no right to exploit our health, our pain, and our bank accounts. Let's keep spreading the word, folks. Be vigilant, be aware, and don't let these rip-off artists win. They don't deserve our money or our trust. 😤