MP's Pay Rise: A Slap in the Public's Face! 😡

Started by Jack, Mar 19, 2024, 06:58 AM

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Can you believe this? 😤🤯 Our so-called public servants, the Members of Parliament, are enjoying a whooping 5.5% pay rise, hiking their salaries to a jaw-dropping £91K per year. And guess what? It's all tax-free!

Yes, you read that right! While we toil day in and day out, paying through our noses due to the highest tax rates in 70 years, these fat cats are amassing wealth, untouched by the taxman! Not to mention the "donations" they conveniently pocket from big foreign corporations. How does this not reek of corruption?! 🤮

But, that's not all. These self-absorbed politicians have the audacity to spend an extra £31 million on their own security! It's our hard-earned money being spent to safeguard the same individuals who are causing us distress. It seems like some kind of twisted joke!

Why should these self-serving individuals enjoy a pay rise when the average person is struggling to make ends meet? Their actions are wrecking our country, and they expect us to foot their bill?! It's absurd!

I, for one, am done with their greed and lack of respect for the public. They don't deserve our money for security. If their actions have upset people enough to warrant an increase in security, then let them deal with the consequences!

Our society is far from democratic with such individuals at the helm. They are more concerned with their own enrichment than serving the people who elected them.
Please share your thoughts below, fellow forum members. Let's not stay silent in the face of such blatant injustice! 😠✊


I completely agree. It's disgusting to see these "elected" mps prioritizing their interests over the needs of the people they are meant to represent. Their salaries being exempt from tax while others struggle to make ends meet truly demonstrates a lack of empathy for the hardships faced by everyday citizens who vote for them and who they are mean to be standing up for. I cannot stand our politicians they make me physically sick!