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    Just wondering if what I’m seeing/feeling is the start of aged rider knee and early signs of osteoarthritis! Nearly 55, relatively fit/slim and active. I don’t get any aching pain or heat at all or the grinding that you read about with arthritis but at end of every day I have noticed I now have a swelling of fluid in the skin above and more specifically out to the offside of my left knee. It make it look larger than my right knee. I do experience minor odd feeling/discomfort in this knee when I kneel down on it which occasionally makes me think/feel it could ‘go’ so just take it steady standing back up. My sister seems to think so (she has very bad osteo in both knees and says it is how hers started). Though this knee has taken some bad knocks during my riding life and I also fell down my spiral staircase twice onto it in the past! I know osteo is just ageing wear and tear on joints though rather than any of the more nasty arthritis types you can get. I have an incredibly sit down desk based job and I think this has come along more noticeably since I’ve been doing this job. May just be coincidence and I have to confess I barely look at my knees so have no idea how long it’s been like this. I walk at lunchtime every day and walk a lot doing horse and at yard every day. The only other thing I can think of is our inherited bad varicose veins as I have minor issues in my right leg already with that and that could account for the fluid collection. Don’t think I need to trouble doctor yet with it – googling water on the knee/effusion seems to sum it up. It appears therefore I am officially old! Anyone with similar?

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    Get thee to the doc for a blood test lass. I had one a few weeks ago and was promptly sent to the local hospital (right wrist was going funny shapes and hurting). He did his thing and pronounced me ok from an arthritis pov. Would be good for you to know what’s going on and what you can do to preserve the joint and prevent any further damage (if that’s what’s happening).

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    A few years back, one of my knees was getting swollen and I was really struggling to bend it – Went to doctor who said start of arthritis and sent me for x ray so they have it on file as a starting point. She said too young to start looking at a replacement (similar age to use and pretty much similar in other respects weight, job etc). That did panic me a bit. However, it has got a lot better on its own and whilst I am not a contender for the Olympic gymnastic team, Edited to add haven’t fallen down any spiral stairs that I can remember and don’t have vein problems so perhaps you may be something to do with that.

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    You haven’t fallen onto it recently have you? If bacteria has got in through a cut or graze it can cause sepsis arthritis and displays the symptoms you describe, hot, swollen knee but no pain on bending/walking.

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    Thanks for the thoughts. I did have a stupid trip 3 weeks ago but no broken skin at all and only minor bruising to the front of that knee. It’s not hot feeling though just the fluid collection. Will book a blood test/doc appt as a precaution.

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    Be careful with the bending of it, and especially twisting, that’s when it can go BOOM! Sorry, but I work in a doctors surgery (only in admin) and injuries do tend to be from twists – if you can motivate yourself to do some muscle strengthening exercises for your legs it will help long term.

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    Mine started around 60(and I was a runner as well.) Thought STAMPING my foot a few times would “click” it back in place and wore knee brace while running. Finally doctor did xrays and said to stop running or ELSE. Surgeon wants to replace it at 65, in three months, but the idea of hobbling around and then reeducation doesn’t sound inviting. Actually running is the ONLY time(even with daily pain meds,) I don’t ache somewhere, lol…Also have arthritis in lower back. One thing(since you’re slim and trim, no worries,) every kilo(stone?) of weight equals 4 on the knees so, since not running anymore, I walk 40 minutes every morning and eat one meal a day…Beginning to feel pain in the other knee now as well so it must be ………..AGE, of well.

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    Firstly go to a doctor to check its osteoarthritis as other types need to be treated to prevent more damage to joints.
    If it’s normal wear and tear my knee specialist told me not to do any exercise while there was swelling as any fluid in the joint means the joint is far more vulnerable to further damage. Basically get rid is swelling by rest and Ice packs and raising your knee when you can. Then when the swelling had gone I was sent by the knee consultant to an excellent physio who gave me some very good exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee, the exercises worked. Sadly this was private, the exercises the nhs physio gave me and told me to do as much as possible made my knee far worse, I ended up going to the NHS physio every other day to have my knee strapped and was referred for surgery at which point I went privately.

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