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    Which is the more serious charge? It may come down to the Home Office having to decide which is when deciding whether Sweden or the USA has the greater claim for extradition.

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    Without answer the question (which shouldn’t need answering) I think Sweden should get him because they asked first.

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    Quite clearly the swedish case takes precedence!

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    The statute of limitation runs out next year for his rape charge, he needs to go there first for justice to be served (if the US get his hands on him, they’ll fight like anything to charge and not let him go again). He can go to the US once he comes out of Swedish jail if found guilty.

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    Bloody good question. Rape is one of the most serious crimes but his leaks could easily have lead to murder and torture of under cover people.

    I’m glad I don’t have to decide.

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      And without the leaks we wouldn’t know the US military killed unarmed civilian reporters, for which no one has had any charges made against them!

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    I’d hope Sweden get first bite of the cherry….

    Not sure about the exact legal position, but Swedish offence was first, Swedish offence is the reason he is now in custody, Swedish offence has a time bar of Aug 2020, Swedish offence carries more serious penalty (life Vs 5/6 years). Edit to add – He can go from Sweden to US, but not the other way as the Swedish offence will almost certainly have expired.

    Also, I’d like to see the arguments he puts forward for avoiding extradition now…

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      You seem to be a bit muddled when it comes to the “Swedish offence” and the Swedish investigation into a rape allegation. I may make an allegation that you just stole my pencil to write your comment, but that does not make the allegation anything other than laughable.

      You may be aware that, contrary to much misreporting, Julian Assange has never been charged with anything in Sweden. You might also be aware of the ludicrous physical evidence that has so far been produced.

      The Re-Opening of the Swedish Assange Case Should Be Welcomed

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        The law’s simple, isn’t it – first extradition request in time prevails, which is the US?

        As for litigating the Sweden issue by internet, I suspect this is not a good idea.

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        I’m terribly sorry, if anyone felt that I was going to far when I said “Swedish offence” rather than “Swedish allegation”.

        Obviously it should have been two Swedish allegations, but Assange successfully “waited out” the first one. Still, it’s just an allegation, so that’s alright then.

        As for your links regarding the dissection of an untried case based on the blogs of conspiracy theorists – I’d rather wait for some trained investigators, real lawyers and proper courts to examine the actual evidence.

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        @spotty Actually I did think you went too far when you said offence rather than allegation. How would you feel if I called you a thief on the grounds of the baseless and laughable allegation that I made higher up the thread that you stole my pencil?

        If you deny the protection of the law to people you don’t like, it won’t be there to protect you when you need it. Something to ponder while you are off duty I guess.

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        Loving your “outrage”.

        Not sure what part of my clarification and apology you don’t understand – but just for your reassurance – the Swedish claim is an allegation that a rape offence has occurred.

        At no point have I suggested he is guilty, and given my (too many) posts on Assange, I think my position on that is pretty clear.

        Not sure how you feel about “denying the protection of the law” to the other person who alleged sexual assault by Assange, or does your version of justice only work one way?

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        Genuine question-If the US/5 eyes/nato/ intelligence bigwigs did decide to get the guy they want dead or worse ie,. Julian Assange by setting up a honeypot or other sting back then. Then how likely would the chance be of it being exposed?

        Bearing in mind during post-false flags/assasinations/war crimes trials/commissions all they need to do is scrub out as much as they want with an official national security special issue Her Majesties black ink felty and use the old “threat to national security”, catch all to hide all evidence.

        The reason I ask is that you seem to live in a world where they don’t do that or for you the CIA is the latest Hollywood blockbuster featuring 60 year old crumpled former hard man star as a maverick CIA agent out to stop the corrupt officials/mafia/terrorists/islamists/fascists/assassins/hard drug dealers

        Rather than actively being and working with.

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        If the US government wanted to “get” Assange, they “could” set up some deep cover sting/honeypot operation using either US spies so deep undercover that everyone thinks they are Swedish, or Swedish spies pretending to be rape victims, in some sort of complex conspiracy spanning multiple countries and requiring co-operation of multiple nation states and the co-operation of their independent judiciary all of whom will have a different view on the severity of Assange’s crimes in relation to US leaks.

        Or they could investigate the US leaks, identify evidence that Assange may have been involved in a criminal offence and apply for extradition.

        Given that the severity of his alleged offence is fairly low-end, with a 5 year maximum sentence, if convicted (ie not quite “dead or worse”), then a complex conspiracy seems like an awful lot of effort to go to.

        And, in this internet age, where news crosses boundaries that national security D notices can’t, you are vastly over-estimating the power of a government to censor information. Hence the great firewall of China and the efforts by Russia to replicate it.

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        @carl He hasn’t been charged as he wasnt available to charge.

        The case has now been reopened.

        We will see what happens.

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    Why are you all debating this? When the Home office come to make their decision do you honestly think they are going to ask the opinion of anyone on this forum, or any forum for that matter? Unless anyone here works for the home office your opinion does not matter, your views are meaningless and your voice will not be heard.

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