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    I have received a parking charge in the post today for a hotel car park I stayed at on the 1st October.

    Parked at a NCP overnight (was cheaper!), then used the hotel car park to collect my suitcase. When I did this, I asked at reception if I needed to pay for parking and was told I’d get 15mins free. The times on the photos are 18.36 entering and 18.48 leaving- 12 mins.

    I want to call the hotel to confirm what I had been told, but am worried that this would be me ‘acknowledging’ the charge (the parking company and the hotel are not the same).

    It’s £60 if I pay within 14 days, £100 within 28 days. Or do I ignore?

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    The hotel should be able to sort it out for you.

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    I would be tempted to ring hte hotel and explain what has happened. They may have had similar situations before.

    You could write back and say just what you have said here.

    But… as far as I understand it the only types of tickets which are properly enforceable are those issued by Councils and by the Police. I have ignored a private parking one before, which was a similarly ridiculous situation to yours.

    There is some good info on MSE here…arking-tickets and pepipoo

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    Send email to the hotel, copying in all their email addresses, telling them what you have been told by their employee on x date at y time. Also print out email and post to them.
    Comment that you have received a parking charge for stopping for under 15 minutes to pick up overnight case, despite their employee stating that under 15 minutes was free of charge, and that you wish them to assist you in getting this charge invalidated. Ask them to respond by return.

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    All the parking company have done is sent you an invoice dressed up in the threat of a parking fine. but you are under no real obligation to pay it and the charge is certainly not proportional to the time you spent in the car park.
    You can do two things, ignore it and let them chase you for it – they may or may not decide to but the cost to them to do so is quite high to start the process or you can write to them and say no you wont pay. They send out hundreds of the letters in the knowledge that some poor fool will pay up and for all those who do at £60 a time it makes up for those that don’t.
    Martin Lewis has some good advice on his website as someone has already linked. If you decide to formally challenge them, do it by letter. Don’t go onto their website to do it via their challenges link. Before you can enter your plea details it will ask you to tick a box which basically is a version of I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Tick that and you are essentially admitting to the charge.

    I received one a few weeks ago which was for parking in a closed shop car park for 18 minutes at 9.30pm . The pictures showed two number plates. That was it. Its impossible to prove from that which car park – you only have their claim on the letter that it was the car park they state and also that those plates were attached to the car in question. In a court of law that just wouldn’t stand up at all. So I’ve just ignored it.

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    I have contested similar charges successfully using online challenge functions on the website of the people who administer the charges. It’s easily done when you’re in the right.

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    I had a parking fine for over staying a supermarket parking limit of 1.5hrs. I just wrote to the supermarket with a copy of my shopping receipt from the day in question and explained that I was a good regular customer of theirs. They cancelled the posting charge immediately.

    Fingers crossed you’re going to get a similar response from the hotel. If not I would go back to let them know that you will need to review yours and your colleague’s future use of the hotel – and that you post regular Tripadvisor reviews.

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    OP, you have received a Parking Charge, NOT an enforceable Parking Penalty and there’s a difference. Those who operate parking conditions on privately owned land have now been granted the right to trace vehicle owners and whilst that may be seen as granting these private companies some sort of authority, there are no implied rights in Law.

    Parking Charges are a civil matter, and of course they can take you to court, if they’re that stupid. Parking Penalties are issued by local authorities and it is only they who have the right to insist upon payment. A bit late now because you’ve responded, but for others and in the future, ignore any correspondence, it’s what the rest of us do!

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    Absolutely. it’s (alleged) breach of contract, not anything criminal.

    It costs them a fair bit to issue court proceedings, so if the charge doesn’t warrant that they are unlikely to try. That said, according to MSE more are having a go these days.

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    I think the quickest and most effective way is to ring the hotel, point out you want to make a complaint and ask to speak to the manager. That way you will immediately find out what the hotel is prepared to do. The manager may give instances of what has happened in the past and how best to deal with it. You don’t have to make it a complaining call just a friendly chat to see if there is a solution. If not then you can escalate the call into a complaint.

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