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    Hello all,

    Just wondering what people thoughts are on the above? Would you go for on over the other and why?
    I’m looking at sign up to one of these and just wanted opinions.

    Thank you

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    I’ve never used Amazon prime video but Netflix is great for TV series, not so great for movies. I really like Netflix and wouldn’t be withtout it now but I’m sure there is also some great stuff on amazon prime.

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    Amazon Prime has a habit of starting to charge for series after you’ve watched the first couple of series. Bear in mind that you do need an Amazon Prime membership and it isn’t cheap.
    I have Netflix and am happy with it, although I don’t watch it much the kids do.

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    I’ve had Amazon Prime for about two years and I’ve just signed up for Netflix. Prime is good as you also get free and quick delivery from Amazon on lots of items. I’ve watched quite a lot on it. I mainly download films to watch when traveling.

    Netflix seem to have the series that people rave about so I’ve decided to give it a go. I’m watching ‘The Sinner’ which is good so far. It’s my sisters fault as we watched two episodes over the weekend when I was staying with her. The only way I could find out what happened next was to sign up!

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    We have both – although don’t watch Amazon as often but we got it by default because we have Prime. Although when a series does come on it is usually very good – American Gods for example.

    Netflix we watch a lot!

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    I’ve got both, but only use Netflix for TV, so if that’s your motivation I’d definitely say Netflix. I do lots of shopping via Amazon so get plenty of value for prime membership on postage etc

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    For films ‘Now TV’ wins for me! I pay £9.99 a month for the film packages and there is loads on there!

    We have Netflix too but I don’s get into series’ unfortunately!

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