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    Sorry for the most boring post topic of all time but I am really starting to despair and needed to vent.

    My washing machine packed up ages ago and my poor Mum is starting to get understandably fed up of my visits to use hers with various grotty horse items in tow.

    I purchased a new one from AO and waited in anticipation for it to be delivered, then I get a phonecall to say that they no longer have that model available but I can pay more for a lower spec model……………hmmm…no thanks so I cancel the order and go on my search once more.

    I then realise that Black Friday is coming up so I decide to wait and join in with that for the first time ever and purchase another washer from appliances direct, arranging for it to be collected the following Monday at a fairly local store. Fantastic, I start stacking up my saddle cloths ready for washing. Monday morning comes around and my OH is poised ready to go and collect it whenever I get the phonecall from the company to say that it’s ready. I wait…..and wait and then it’s 3pm and there’s no word so I ring up. I’m reassured that someone will be in touch before 8pm so that we can collect. NOTHING!

    So I ring up feeling pretty disgruntled this morning and get to speak to Jenna who is as surly as I am grumpy so not a promising combination. Now, I’ve worked in customer services, so try to be fair as it’s not an easy job, but Jenna is giving me nothing, she couldn’t give a flying hoot that my washer won’t be arriving for another two days due to high demand. She doesn’t care that I won’t be able to collect the washer on Wednesday, all she can offer is for me to pay £20 for them to deliver to my house. Wow, cheers Jenna….

    Then I do something really stupid. I foolishly believe that deep down Jenna has a heart so I do that thing that I’ve succeeded with in the past with companies like Sky, I threaten to cancel my order, that’ll show them!

    “OK, I’ll do that for you now”, says Jenna

    I’m in too deep now, don’t want to look weak, she’s bound to crack………..

    “OK that’s refunded, is there anything else I can help you with” Jenna declares

    I now understand the phrase “cut your nose off to spite your face”

    So it’s back to the drawing board, anyone seen any good deals?

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    Friend had similar issues with a fridge freezer, food thawing all over the place while Currys “forgot to put it on the lorry”. She got a decent deal from a local supplier, with excellent customer service, removal of old fridge and delivered when they said, to the minute. They may not quite match the prices but IMHO there is more to a good deal than just price. Is there anyone near you who might take an interest and help you out?

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      @mandy Funny isn’t it but I totally forget about Argos for ‘big’ white goods but they’re as good as anyone and usually have most things in stock for immediate delivery. I’m finding this out because I’m in the market for a new fridge freezer and won’t touch Curry’s with a barge poll, have never had dealings with AO and I can’t think of anywhere else.

      Definitely worth a look, although I haven’t ordered yet, so can’t testify to their brilliance as yet.

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    I got my washing machine from argos, found one in stock to collect same day, collected within an hour, and pay £2 odd a month break down on it

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    If you have ordered it over the internet cancel the order, you have 14 days. Then with your requirement, as someone says above try Argos, or any other retailer with one in stock.
    I went to my retail park and just asked what was in stock, got one off the shop floor, and took it home in the back of the car. I just hate waiting.

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    Well the last two appliances I bought were from my local independent High Street store. They matched Curry’s price and were much cheaper delivery too. Obviously they don’t have the range of models, but then these superstores don’t have that many to view anyway, you are supposed to order them from the computer. I like to see what I am buying in the flesh.

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    I ordered a washing machine last year from AO, they messed up the delivery. I complained and eventually got a big upgrade from a hot point to a Miele! At no extra cost to me! I was impressed with myself for a change.

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    I have had my washing machine, tumble dryer and range cooker from argos. Washing machine is a candy one with a huge drum. 10kg I think.
    Every single order was delivered within a few days. The cooker took a week as it was coming from rangemaster. They were brilliant. Delivered when they said they would and will take old appliance away if arranged when buying new one. Think it was 10-15 pounds but our council charge £16 for one item to be removed.
    Our lovely new shiny machine broke on day two, they arranged a replacement within a few days and they took the broken one back. Honestly can’t fault them and will look there first for big appliances now.

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    Argos it is! Thanks everyone. Like others have said, I had completely forgotten about them so I had a look and they have what I want at a very similar price.

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    I ordered from AO when the drum fell out of my machine. They came to deliver next day, I’d paid for them to install. There was a lot of teeth sucking before they decided they couldn’t fit it, they weren’t sure the pipe was long enough and they said I should get a kitchen fitter out to remove some cupboards. Then they went to leave, leaving the new machine in my kitchen. I told them to take it and cancel the order.

    The next day I rang a little local place who sell reconditioned machines. Told them I needed a machine and didn’t really care too much about the specifications but explained the concerns AO had about fitting. The local shop people turned up the next day with a reconditioned hotpoint which they fitted in less than 10mins, and they took the old one away. All of this for less then half the cost than I would have paid AO. Love my new machine. I just wish I’d thought to go local first.

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    I got my tumble dryer as a graded appliance from an eBay seller. Brand New, free delivery on a day and time I chose, would have fitted it if needs be, with a two year manufacturers warranty. It was about fifty quid less than it should have been and apparently has a dent to the front- I am yet to find this dent! Another place that sells them is new life appliances (can google them) but they charge for delivery I think. I couldn’t be happier with mine, I have all the protection against faults as if I had bought from a big reatailer but at much less than market price. If you like I can PM you the sellers name.

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