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    I have “Can I Eat That?” which is quite helpful, but I wanted to get a good diabetes cookbook, but having looked at the ones on sale on Amazon it seems that none of them are particularly popular. Certainly those published a few years ago are lambasted as being completely out of date regarding the consumption of carbohydrates, i.e. high GI food.

    I printed off a nice looking Christmas Pudding recipe from the Diabetes UK website, so it is that sort of family friendly meals I am looking for, not something that has 30 different ingredients and takes hours to prepare.

    Any recommendations?

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    Why do you need a specific diabetes cook book?

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    Just use any diet book? There is a lot of recent research regarding high/low GI food and I just thought it would be interesting to have a book with the working out already done. Anthony Worrell-Thompson puts all the nutrition information , including salt, but the reviewers weren’t that enthusiastic about the actual recipes as being too complicated. Which is what I often find from books by chefs – they like to spend all day making something, whereas the Housewife likes to throw a few ingredients together to make something for tea.

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    Why do you need a diabetes cookbook? Type 1s can eat what anyone else can. Type 2s need to be careful to eat healthily but its nothing different to how most people should be eating anyway.

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    I would look online, when I was looking for low carb recipes there were really good ones replacing flour for almond flour, you just have to ignore the adverts.

    Low-Carb Chocolate-Heaven Cake

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    Personally I wouldn’t use one I have the book that tells you how many carbs are in foods and that’s helpful when I’m not sure to work out my insulin dose.

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    There are lots of low carb recipes on Pinterest.

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