How do you cope with the evils of the world?

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    This is a bit of a deep and depressing subject but I need a bit of help. This evening I have got lost down an internet rabbit hole and found myself really struggling with my conscience about living my simple wonderful life with all the evil out there in the world. My cats are stretched out lounging on the heated kitchen floor tiles whilst I sit on a comfy sofa with a blanket. But I’ve been watching terrible videos of the dog and cat meat trade in Asia, the donkey skin trade, poaching, the list feels endless, and I’m sick to my stomach. I really struggle to know that I’m sitting here doing nothing whilst around the world thousands of animals are being tortured for whatever reason. It really haunts me, I picture that being my dog or cat and it absolutely tears me apart to think how much agony they must be in and how afraid and confused they must be. I find it hard to know what to do. I support certain charities regularly (PFK and the Brooke) but I don’t feel like I’m doing enough to make the world a better place. My job involves saving the world in its own way but it’s not enough. What actions can I take to make a difference.. and how do you live with knowing all of this stuff is going on whilst you live your easy fortunate life?

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    The first thing is to make a deliberate decision to NOT watch those internet videos. It is one thing knowing that those things go on and quite another to choose to watch the them. I have a colleague who sometimes tells me how upset she got watching similar videos and really doesn’t take it on board when I say, I choose not to watch them – why would she think that I want her to describe them to me?

    Then do as much as you can to support appropriate charities, if you feel that you want to, whilst keeping in mind that you can only do so much, before putting your own animals/family at risk.

    And finally remember that you are only one person, so you can only do one person’s worth of changing the world/mitigating against the evil that is done. And your amount of ‘world saving’ might not involve animals, it could be the homeless, cancer patients, children, the rainforest, something else but if you do your bit and other people do theirs, collectively we will all make a difference.

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    Start at home local to you, the small things are the things that help the most, screaming kid and mum waiting in line let them in front holds you up for mins helps the mum more. I feel we have lost the ability of tolerance and understanding that everyone is slightly different from each other.

    On charity I give to water aid, the basic thing everyone needs and for education both herein the uk and abroad.

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    If you can’t change THE world, change YOUR world.

    Be nice to people, smile at strangers, random acts of kindness, support charities or causes in any way that fits your life.

    I am fortunate enough to have the kind of brain that I can switch off to that kind of stuff but I do spend my life trying to make the people I come in to contacts lives a little jollier.

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    I just don’t engage with the things I don’t want to see. The internet is not always a blessing, and newspapers only seem to report bad stuff.

    Do what you can. Be kind to people. Give compliments when they are deserved. Tell a friend that you really appreciate their friendship. Ring someone that you haven’t spoken to for a while. Walk a dog at the local dogs home or volunteer to help at an open day. Yes none of this is saving dogs in Asia but you are making the world better for someone, and hopefully boosting your own feelings of self worth too.

    And block those pages which have so upset you.

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    Sympathies…it affects me in exactly the same way. The only things I can do are to try not to look and to try to do what I can in my own small way. If I think about it all in detail, all the stuff you’ve said, plus ‘normal’ farming, it’s just too much.

    FB is a nightmare though…one night I was literally having a 5-second nose before turning out the light & saw something awful that really upset me, but how can you not look when it’s shoved in your face without warning, and then how can you forget?

    No easy answers. I do what little I can…vegan as far as possible, rescue the odd animal, sign petitions, etc. Did a naked protest in Pamploma once against the running of the bulls. Sympathies though. x

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    “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”

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    I sometimes feel bleak despair too when I read the news and wonder what kind of a ****ed up hellhole mankind has made for itself in this world.

    All we can do is to live our lives well as individuals, consume with a conscience, think of the environmental impact of how we live and try to be good people, kind to our animals.

    It’s sometimes best not to watch the news or internet news like this if it tortures you, one victim is bad enough.

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    I always think, that you can’t change the world, but for example adopting an pet from a rescue or giving any pet a good home, can change the world for that sentient being.

    And whilst I really wish I could change the world, I try and be kind as much as I can, as you never know how much a person is going through behind their face to the world.

    Just remember small ripples – can spread, its better to send kindness rather than fear..

    I never watch the news on read papers – they seem to be representing what is bad in the world…

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    I know where you are coming from. I sit in a warm house with my dog, watching TV and eating tasty food and I think of the homeless who have to sleep on the streets, i think of animals who are badly treated and I start thinking that I don’t deserve what I have and them worrying that I will end up on the street one day…Like you I can’t switch off.

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    To adapt that consumer slogan ‘act local, think global

    You can only do what is possible for you, take care of that. Trust me if you have kids it gets worse I swear. My heart breaks in at least a daily basis if i think too much, refugees, abuse victims, starving children. That’s before the animal stuff gets in. If you stew on it too much it breaks you. I think the reason the marvellous people on the front line like pfk don’t break is because they’re actively doing something most of the time to help.

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    A large part of my work is working with adults who were abused in childhood, I hear horror stories on almost a daily basis, I just “get on” with that, partly because I know I am helping them to reach their goals of happy and fulfilled live, BUT I can no longer cope with reading survivor stories and one particular book, which I had recommended to me and which I have recommended to others is now a complete no go for me, I can only presume it’s because I can’t make any difference to the author. Perhaps the answer is to only look at the areas you can help and not go looking for things that you cannot influence.

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    I take pills (prescribed!)

    I stay off Facebook.

    I don’t open threads on this forum about animal atrocities. Two right now. Thanks for posting those guys

    I turn off the TV when it’s showing animal or human atrocities.

    I give to charities that strike a chord with me. All human ones, for me people come first.

    I volunteer in my local community to make life better for local people. Out last night as part of the road closure team for the turning on of the Christmas lights. Loads of people out having fun. Next week I’m interviewing year 12 students to give them practice in applying for jobs.

    I have never been able to get a picture out of my mind of Chinese cooking that was on TV. It haunts me thirty years on. I wish I had never seen it.

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    Don’t watch the videos. I certainly won’t look at that poor beagle being torn apart.

    I think you have to do what you can and treat others as well as possible. I’m super nice to the kids I teach because I don’t want to have anything but a positive impact on their memories/lives.

    You can’t change the world, but you can change your reaction to it, to take a piece of advice I read somewhere.

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    I will never open videos like that, and if anyone posts links or pictures on Facebook I hide them, I even hide friends that regularly post them (from my newsfeed). It only gives me nightmares and sticks in my head. I actually want to shout at people that post them!

    I try my hardest to research what I’m buying nowadays. I try not to buy anything product – cosmetic or household – that is tested on animals, and nothing fur or fake. I won’t buy feather duvets or pillows anymore. I don’t even eat meat anymore.

    On a personal I support some local and one foreign animal shelters. I collect children’s clothes and shoes locally (I have a local school, church and nursery collect for me) and they go to work where I and my fellow cabin crew take them personally out to orphanages in Africa and India or refugee camps in Athens, where we hand them personally over. No middlemen or big charity involvement, and we know them well. I always buy a couple of things for the local food bank when I shop, and I save my hotel toiletries for our local homeless shelter.

    It’s only bits, but each little bit we do adds up. There are some horrible things happening around the world, but there are good people too. You have to focus on that.

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    I actively avoid seeing any of these sort of images and am thinking of unfriending anyone who posts them of Facebook. I am still haunted by a television programme I saw about the Brooke Hospital and its work which must have been nearly 30 years ago and you are right, you can’t “unsee” these things.

    However, there is some good advice on here about trying the change the world in your own small way. We recently took on a new dog (our sixth) from a charity. She is a bit of a nightmare – she rags our elderly collie something rotten, we’ve had to spend a fortune to stop her escaping and she often refuses to come in from the garden which is a complete pain in the proverbial. She is massively strong to the point where I find her harder to control on a lead than my horse. However, she has a lovely sweet side to her and can be a very good girl when she chooses.

    We have been through the mill with her in the three weeks we have had her but two things have made a massive difference in the last week. The first was just technical – I found an old Halti which belonged to one of my mum’s dogs, tried her in that and she is a different dog on the lead. But the second and most important thing was that we received an anonymous letter from her former owners (Dogs Trust policy), with photos of her as a pup and a description of what she likes and doesn’t etc and how glad they are she now has a home where she can run around. It had my friends at the yard in tears and it made me realise that, not only have we made a difference to one dog, we have also made a difference for a family who loved her dearly and had to let her go through ill health. I plan to write back c/o the Dogs Trust to tell them how well she is settling.

    So, the purpose of this long ramble is that no, I can’t make a difference for the huge majority of abused animals in the world but I can make a difference to one dog and her former family who know she is safe and cared for. One weird coincidence was that they told us that they called her by the same nickname we have used since the second day we have had her – must have been meant to be.

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    Realistically one person can’t save the world. But we can all make a little bit of it better, so if you want to feel like you have a duty, then that’s it and it’s achieveable, every day. You can’t be a proactive positive person if you’re beating yourself up for not being perfect, either, so cut yourself some slack.

    I try to be considerate, kind to animals, my horses are from charities or otherwise iffy backgrounds and I think they are happier now… I have always been veggie, I give to charity when I can, try to help out other people. And I don’t watch the horrible videos.

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    I feel I need to do what I can in mysphere of influence and if everyone does that the cumulative effect will be huge.

    There’s a huge amount goes on right under our noses in the same village or town, kids having horrendous life experiences, a little girl needing stable adult friends because her dad tried to murder her mum, a single mum just unable to cope wiht two kids with special needs, adopted kids working out their fear and insecurity due to what’s hapened to them, an older horse left with no clean water or hay, people lost jobs and their lives are literally falling apart, a cancerer sufferer dying in a hospice with a brain tumour and no one to visit and simply listen or sit in companionable silence and hold her hand while she cries. People flooded out two years ago who simply don’t have the smarts to navigate the system and are being abandoned, a mum who just needs safe place for her kids taken to school because she is really not well.

    It’s all right there within walking distance. Thing is all the media savvy charities kind of give the reassuring impression that there is always someone to look after anyone whatever their condition, actually there is often **** all help out there for people who really need it, or it’s labyrinthine to navigate and unresponsive.

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    try to spread happiness to those immediately around you. say to a stranger “that’s a nice pullover you are wearing” or something like that. don’t buy any products that you think have a connection to animal cruelty. this is really useful in combatting the cruelty. everything is supply and demand. as for me I also sign petitions on fb. they really do work. lots of those dog meat farms are being closed down or have closed. the tide is turning. its only by publicising the abominations and getting the world involved that change happens.

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