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    For years and years I’ve had something wrong in my pelvis/hip area.
    At first no Dr or physio could really find anything but as it’s worsened various people admit there is a problem but what has varied and no treatment has worked.
    I went private and had an MRI last winter. This showed extra bone growth in my hip socket. The dr read the MRI differently to the physio so I’m not quite sure of the final diagnosis.
    Had physio, seemed to help a little now it’s worse again.
    I also feel like I have no seat bone on my left. If I’m driving I can tip to that side (if I’m not consciously preventing that!) I hurt sitting in any position for much more than 15 minutes, including driving which is a pita.
    So I’m a bit worried I got it wrong and the hip
    Isn’t the bad bit but my seatbone is wrong(!!) if I purposely put weight on it it hurts.
    Anyone has a dodgy seatbone? ? Is it possible
    Can anyone make any sense of my MRI report? Whatever it is has worsened a lot but I’d like to have the starting point of knowing what it was/is
    Would my seatbone area have been visible on my hip MRI or previous X-rays?
    Driving me insane!

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    I’ve received a similar report today, probable osteophytes at both hips. dr is going to refer me to the Young Persons arthritis clinic – I’m quite chuffed with that as I’m 49 and not often considered young! Anyway, if I were you I would go back to the dr and push for more investigations.

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    hmm I can’t see how they would be directly related per se BUT my thought would be that if you have pain on that side, you probably subconciously sit to the opposite side (because I do it a lot!) which then means the bad side isn’t used to being sat on, and sitting on it wont feel normal and potentially be uncomfortable because everything else has to shift into a slightly different use/position when you do.

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    Have you lost muscle over that buttock?
    That would help to explain the discomfort when sitting and the tipping to the side.

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    Yep, me too…Thigh Bone?

    OP, I have loads of hip pain, and it is surprising how once there is a problem in that area all the compensations mean that no one can tell where the original problem is. On occasions one leg is very much shorter than the other, pain in a seat bone, the lot.

    If you are not worried about the seat bone then get it looked at, even if just to put your mind at rest.

    Funnily enough, after loads of physio, chiro, pain killers, exercise programmes, accupuncture, I have found the thing that gives me most relief is Canio Sacral treatment, and goodness only knows what that actually does!

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    Could be.
    I had a problem with my ankle, physio found it was due to issue with the way I was walking caused by muscles around my pelvis not activating properly.
    Things can be linked in different ways.

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    Ive had hip pain getting worse the last six months and my gp as written to my rheumy to see if he can do something as my hypermibility has gotten worse with it.

    Got the appointment on monday so will see what they say

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    I have a lot of pain in my hip atm,but I know it’s caused by my glute not being activated properly, I turn my left toe in when I walk which has caused it. Just a thought.

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