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    So after battery failure on Renaukt Master on Wednesday, took the girlie out to a fairly local (thank goodness) clinic today. On way home though mmm …this van is using a lot of fuel, turned into yard driveway, got out to unlock gate and van died and wouldn’t restart…I had no fuel left and had been losing it all way home. So after two hours of blocking entrance to yard…I was not popular …rescue came and advised that the leak was from somewhere above the fuel tank. He had to put some fuel in for me so I could get van 100 metres up driveway and park..he couldn’t tow me and no where iopen at 4.30 on a Sunday anyway. Fuel only comes out when engine is on. When I restarted it however, I noticed battery warning light did not go out as it should…remember new battery 5 days me thinking..the battery compartment must be very close to top of fuel tank..what’s chances of first mechanic having done something when replacing battery…sorry if this is a stupid question… Also could fuel coming out top of fuel tank have got into battery compartment and killed my very brand new very expensive battery? I’m not sure whether to have the van taken to the firm that did the battery or go somewhere else. Sorry I’m just rambling now trying to figure what happened…could be entirely coincidental but still suggests something is wrong with battery as well as fuel. Any thoughts ..

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    Mechanic could have damaged something, but possibly a coincidence.
    Ref battery, did they not check fully the charging system at same time?
    Fuel issue, obs when pump is running and engine on, you’ve got the leak, could well be in the fuel line.

    I’d return to them and ask to get fully checked out, most reputable companies would be able to sort this out x

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    I’m not familiar with the Renault Master, but I doubt you will have drowned the battery in petrol. Did the recovery guy rummage around in the battery compartment at all? Could he have disturbed a lead? It could be the terminals haven’t been tightened when the new battery was fitted – give ’em a wiggle and see.

    I’m going to guess you have the pump in the tank, so it could be a leak in the line from the pump to the engine, otherwise I would have thought once the level dropped, the leak would have stopped. Could someone have tampered with it?

    Just for the more knowledgeable – What year is the van and which engine?

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    he did put voltmeter on new battery and said that alternator was working as he was reading 14 …whatever
    Rescue today did not look at battery compartment. It’s a 2010 Deisal engine, 2450cc
    No now would have tampered with it.

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    The return fuel line back to the tank is damaged,This would only leak while the engine is running , If the alternator warning light is on then it is not charging and that may well be why your first battery went flat.I have serious doubts with regard to the testing of the battery with a voltmeter . If the red alternator warning light is on it is NOT charging. Did anyone try to use jump leads , used incorrectly they can blow an alternator ,also if they arc onto a metal fuel line they will blow a hole in the pipe. It is highly unlikely that your new battery has been contaminated with fuel , the caps would almost certainly stop it entering and even if a drop or two did by some miracle get in ,it would float on top of the acid and the battery would still work fine.

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    Dupe post

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    yes the first mechanic did try to jump,start it before he replaced battery …but I would have hoped that he knew what he was doing?? We didn’t do that today as though pt it was just a fuel problem and the van did start once fuel replaced but battery warning light did not go out.
    Well someone did tamper with it – either squirrels or rats – very hefty bill for me as fuel tank has to come off to be fixed, something ate through or got through the return plate ??

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    Little sods! See if is possible to get the mechanic to sleeve/cover any exposed chewy bits. My project car has had the battery cable insulation stripped by mice, and one of my customers had a similar thing happen to his ignition wiring. Cost him over £500 in the end, mostly in labour charges for getting at the chewed bits to replace them.

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    Far too many coincidences . I dont buy the “rats ate my fuel pipe”story. Though its not impossible ,it is far less likely than many other possibilities. The battery dying and the alternator dying a few days later is also not impossible but again highly unlikely . Combine two highly unlikely coincidences happening in the same time frame and you can expect that they are all related. One thing worth checking is the earth from the engine to the chassis ,they do fail and it can be quite difficult to spot (even for a mechanical genius like me). The result is that the electric current runs through ,metal fittings such as pipework and can corrode or burn it out. Also the alternator may not work properly as it isnt earthed well enough.Failing tat someone may have been clumsy with the jump leads.

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    Im sorry but seen many fuel lines and wiring chewed by rats ,my guess would be rats responsible for both problems . Red light on dash is not always indicative of an alternator issue , You need to check the voltage at the back of the alternator with the engine running it should be approaching 14 volts even if there is no output check there is power to the alternator in the first place as this can also stop an alternator working without it being the actual alternator at fault. Rats love to set up home in truck engine bays as they are warm and they love doing nothing more than chewing things> Last year they chewed out a 10k wiring loom in one of our challengers over the winter. Plus 10 days work replacing it.
    OP do you have a plastic fuel tank as rodent damage is not unknown in the tank themselves ask any body who has been unlucky enough with a disco 3 as damage is relatively common usually around where the return to tank comes in.

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