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    Hi Guys,

    Bought myself a turntable (record player for old vinyl records) yesterday, but have become aware I need to clean all my records before playing.

    Can anyone recommend/suggest a good but reasonably priced record cleaner please? They have been in storage for years

    Thank you

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    I have it on good authority, from my exOH who has been buying and selling vinyl records for many, many years and has his own collection of 30,000+, (yes that’s right! no exaggeration) that any cheap window cleaning spray can be safely used.
    Give the record a quick squirt with the window cleaner, followed immediately by a wipe with some kitchen roll, then buff with a clean piece. He uses Astonish window cleaning spray to clean his records, gets it from pound shop, so no need for any expensive outlay. But don’t leave spray on without wiping immediately after. Hope this helps

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    Brilliant Thank you.

    Astonish products are really good, and as you mention, cheap.
    Will try to get some when I go to Town tomorrow, then finally I can listen to lovely old records!

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