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Google forcing businesses to buy ads


Google does not care for quality search results or for their searchers. This is a bold statement but this is what someone feels who has recently emailed me in regard to googles actions. The guy who emailed me was concerned and quite frankly angry at google this is the email that I was sent.

“Dear MediaWatch,

I would like you to possible write a small post on google as I am quite worried that google is being exploitative and are using their position of dominance on the internet to take advantage webmasters. Recently my site was penalized by Google and I inquired as to why after ranking for number 1 for my targeted keywords for over 10 years I and my website had established itself as the number one authority in my niche giving people exactly what they wanted and to be honest my website is the best website for my niche offering people accuracy and depth that made my website gain natural links. However since googles recent algo updates my website totally disappeared of google. The only traffic I received was from google adwords. I emailed google to find a possible way to improve my rankings and regain my traffic. I was then passed around until eventually I talked to a google adviser. He did not offer any advise on how I could regain my ranking instead he simply told me that to regain my lost traffic form the updates I would have to buy it through more ads. I asked him why? I also questioned why is it okay for my website to be listed on the ads at the top if I pay for them but my website cannot be listed anywhere insight on the organic listings… he did not answer. I have came to the conclusion that google will penalize sites no matter how good the website in question is just to put to force the webmaster into buying ads. Since then I have cancelled my adwords account as I dont not want to do business with scammers…I know that I will not be making a huge dent in Google vast bank account but I stand by my actions because my site is so good I still get direct traffic to my website, it is googles lose that my site is not longer ranking in the serp as the search results are now filled with garbage and useless websites that offer nothing to searchers. ”

This email says it all. Luckily this person had been getting plenty of direct traffic and was not to reliant on google referrals so he did not lose his business but it did make a big hit on it. If this was someone who was so tied to google then they may very well had to comply with googles extortion to survive.

If you have any media concerns please email MediaWatch using the contact page…

Dont be evil google



Should google be able to dictate to web site owners what should or shouldn’t be on their websites? Now that really is a question and one that is dividing opinion in the online media world. Many media distributors such as news websites, blogs, video sites, forums.. you get the idea.. any website really on the internet rely on search engine traffic to be found and appreciated by other people. From when the internet began search engines have been the number one place to go to discover things on the internet, search engines are what connect the internet together and make is accessible. However since the early days when searchers would have a wide selection of search engines to use the concentration of searchers using google to surf the web has escalated so much so that google now holds more than 70% of the total search engine market worldwide. You could argue that the reason that searcher use google over other is that google is innovative and gives the best results however recent anaylis from different search engine watchdogs has shown that results from bing and other search engines are just as good as those on google. The biggest reason as to why many many people use google is the fact that these internet users “think” google is the best and are in the habit of typing google into the address bar. Other reasons are that google is the default search engine for firefox, google chrome among other major browsers. This has fueled google power and dominance in search and has allowed google to put webmaster to ransom, if webmaster do not abide by googles rules google will penalize or even deindex sites entirely. Some may argue that google is a private company and should be able to what they like but having vast control over the internet and thus what is published on the internet goes far beyond the powers of even a government. Because so many people search using google then sites that cannot be found on google are essentially wiped off the internet. The wordl wide web is a network of websites all linking to each other and google is in the center of this network and with the power to silence websites and competition that get in its way. You may not deleted from the internet but google does have the power to isolate your site from the rest of the internet by making it much harder for our website to be found, so if your website is hard to find then you could say that it does not really exist.

This make google a monopoly.

In a previous article I highlighted how google is exploiting its power to try to destroy linking between websites which will in effect make the web more isolated and dependent on google in order for websites to be found as sites will fear linking to each other because they maybe penalized.

Google shopping results deceiving shoppers


google-shopping-resultsA reader of the Mwglobal blog has recently emailed me his concerns that Google is trying to deceive shoppers. He told me the incorrect and misleading information provided on the Google shopping results icon that has been added in order to inform users that what they are looking at are sponsored listings. In this information Google makes out with and I quote “google may be compensated by some of these…” implying that some listings may in fact not been sponsored at all. This however is not the case as all listings are paid for since Google made all product venders on Google shopping need to pay to be listed earlier in 2013. This is typical of Google once again trying to bend the rules.

Google decided upon making vendors pay on the grounds that it “improves” quality of products and services listed if vendors must pay to be displayed. However many are arguing that it is just simply google exercising its powers and monopoly on the internet which has allowed it to now basically have a google tax for shoppers that rely on search for customers which are often small businesses which just simply cannot compete in organic listings with super brands such as ebay and amazon to name a few. This is crushing small businesses online to the extent some small business have had to fold as even with being listed on google shopping these small business simply cannot compete on price either which is a criteria that helps draw your listing to the top of the Google shopping results.

You cannot argue that the wording of the information on the sponsored label is very misleading but the real question is was this Google’s intention or a simple mistake?

Google controlling the internet


Google is at war with webmasters. Did you know that it is against Google’s guidelines and can result in your website vanishing from the search results if your has paid links on it that are do follow regardless of how great your site might very well be. This is because Google has lots of strict rules to help prevent people from “gaming” as Google likes to put it the search engine. However many are saying that this is just a excuse to help scare webmasters from even making any legitimate links in fear of getting caught up in the whole paid links penalties because paid links can only be caught manually from human review and is often very hard to tell if a link has been paid for or not especially when found in context of an article enabling Google to wipe out more competition as websites stop linking to each other meaning people need to search in order to find other websites rather than a website that is not Google recommending another site.

Google is a private company and has a duty give back to its investors and can rank what ever site they want where ever they want but with the power and influence Google has on the internet this behavior should be looked into as many webmasters rely on Google search traffic and therefore will do whatever they need to to stay on google. This gives Google immense powers over other peoples websites and the type of content that they are allowed to post and not post..should this really be allowed? If Google suddenly decided that all websites that speak out about a particular beleif should be deindexed from the search results and thus in effect barring that beleif from the internet as websites take down all references in accordance to Google’s rules then this would be really bad for media in genral and freedom of speech.

Google ads exploiting searchers?


The ads that appear in various places in the google search results creates vast revenue for the internet giant, but are these ads tricking searchers.

Google under law must clearly display ads as being so in the search results and easily recognizable as being sponsored from the organic listings. The seperation between paid listings and organic listings is done by a small “ad” label in yellow at the side of the ad sections. However critics are arguing that this is is rather ambiguous and how there is no clear ending to the ad section it could potentially confuse advertisers as it looks as though the ads simply blend into the organic listings meaning searchers may not know when the ads stop and the natural organic listings start.

With more and more ads being added to the results pages which now far outweigh the number of organic listings which searchers prefer and use google for the blend between organic and ads is becoming increasingly difficult to tell apart.┬áMoreover some professionals in the “seo” industry theorize that google is deliberately being too harsh and quick to penalize websites far breaking their webmasters guidelines in order to limit the choice of organic listings as more sites cease to become available for searcher in the organic listings thus effecting the quality of these results which will increases click through rates and revenue to google and also pushes these penalized website into buying into the adwords program.

But this is not the only problem with googles ads tricking searchers Google is showing poor results to searchers if the money is right.

Google is one the most widely used search engine in the world with a dominant share in the search engine market. People rely and trust on the google search results to be accurate and informative. However it is worthwhile pointing out that some websites have been penalized by google and therefore will not show up or not very highly in the search engine for the keywords that the website is targeting because google deems that website to be low quality or even spam and not worthy to show to users however despite this if the websites chooses to pay enough despite already being penalized in the search engine that website can appear above all others in a more viewable position in the ad section at the top of the serps even though it has already been categorized as being of no value or a poor search result before.



Twitter bot’s



Bots can be quite a nuisance and very annoying to some people but are being used more and more by people wanting to market their business.

Many people are now using bots to automate their social media presence the bots will help them in a number of ways which would otherwise would require them to sit around at their computer doing them by hand. With twitter bots for example you can follow users in a natural way which also involves unfollowing those who are not following them back to get around twitter system and to ensure your account does not get flagged. There are many incentives to doing this such as creating brand awareness but the main incentive is to drive visitors to your website and thus in effect earn more money. Because seo is getting more and more difficult many are resorting to using social media to drive traffic to their websites even though it is effective to drive traffic by manually interacting with people on social media many feel that the tasks can be automated and scaled up to drive even more traffic, bots on twitter for example if can be very effective as they allow you to click just a few buttons and in doing so create multiple accounts which can follow multiple people far more than one could if done by hand. On twitter it is a numbers game primarily the more people you follow the more chances you will “catch” real followers who will then read what you are tweeting, yes many will not follow strangers but some will follow back those who follow them.

Twitter bots to avoid

Many bots such as tweet attacks by twitter from court cases. If you were to buy a twitter bot and it later gets shut down like what happened with tweet attacks you may find yourself out of pocket with a bot that just does not work at all…. but on the otherhand with so many twitter bots out there you could just get one that is just plain rubbish.

There are a lot of bots that have been created without sophisticated programmings skills and automation which cannot properly automate tasks without being “babysitted” and example of a bot like this is one called twitter money bot, although twitter money bot promises to be a great twitter automation bot it lacks the features which will allow you to sit back and watch your social media traffic grow because for starters thje way in which twitter money bot works means that you are limited managing one account at a time (though you are allowed to open multiple copies of twitter money bot at the same time with different accounts open) must manually scrape user lists then add them to the unfollow list or follow list, then creating accounts is a real hassle as it can only mass create unverified accounts… I am not going to go through all of the features because truth be told it is a real mess really and it is just one step away from actually doing everything for yourself. This bot is never updated and they slow and laggy you can easily loose track of who you followed and what you have done which can be problematic and could potentially get you banned if you repeat yourself to much or follow to many people. There is apparently a version 3 with more automated features coming out though twitter money have came out and said that if you own version 2 you can get a discount for buying the next version.. why should I pay for a bot that didn’t work for me the first time why should I bother trusting the developers.. if you can even call them that as the bot is made using ubot which isn’t even a programming language but a software that helps those who struggle with programming create bots quickly and easily.

Since getting twitter money bot I have hardly used it because it did not help me one bit, in fact many of the accounts that I have created using it have been quickly banned by twitter because this software does not give adequate safeguards or tracking to help you create a more natural campaign.


More dodgy twitter bots will be added to this list as they are found please add your suggestions and reviews of bots in the comments below.

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