Google will penalize your site if it cannot steal your images!


Apparently not letting google steal your images is against Googles (fascist) guidelines.

Google images scrapes the internet for any images it can find and then displays them on its search results by hot linking to them. By hotlinking images the bandwidth of the site being hotlinked to is used up instead of the site doing the hotlinking as the image is being loaded directly from the site being hotlinked. This means Google uses up your bandwidth and not Googles. BANDWIDTH ISN’T FREE.

If google using up your bandwidth and stealing your images wasn’t bad enough google doesn’t even send you traffic. Google has opted to just display the image only when users click on the image results essentially stopping users ever visiting the publishers websites.

Many sites rely so much on google search results that they simply accept that this is the way it is and that it is either googles way or the highway even if that means google gets to steal your images and do what it likes.
If you don’t like google stealing your images or you want to just minimize the amount of bandwidth google uses by adding some sort of hotlink protection…. YOUR NOT ALLOWED! according to google as displaying images that do no correlate to images in the search results even if these images are just smaller versions to save bandwidth will land you with a manual action. A manual action is where a disgusting person from google comes along and penalizes your website which basically means you will be nowhere to be found on google whatsoever!

If you think this is disgusting write to your MP as something needs to be done!