Google is too powerful


Is it right that one company has so much control on the internet that it can effectively make a competitor disappear if it wants…? Well, that is what Google is doing and is getting away with it. I am writing this article to help spread the word of just how powerful Google is and how Google is using its power for, well evil really!

Google’s main source of income is through ad revenue, the fact that Google sells such cheap mobile phones, tablets and computers is not because Google is aiming to make a profit on these devices but to better able to control the search engine market and make more people use Google’s own properties which hopefully will mean more people will be clicking ads.

Google needs people to click on ads and it needs advertisers to buy ad space in the first place but focusing on the aspect of people clicking on ads at the time being, let me mention the fact that Google needs people to stay on website that are either owned by Google or have adwords on them… searchers for instance using Google and choosing to pick a website that would not potentially deny Google with ad revenue at the end is something google hates and wants to make sure doesn’t happen. This is why Google is so biased towards its own properties in the search results you may have noticed that if you search for something on Google you will see that just about Evey search will contain a google property whether a YouTube video or some other Google owned property of which google will be able to further serve the searcher with Google ads even after leaving the search engine.

Another thing I should mention is the ads at the top of the search engine results, it is actually in Google’s best interests that searchers click these rather than the organic listings or else google would not be making any money. Some “SEO” argue that Google must provide relevant, good quality and useful organic search results to ensure that users come back and use the search engine again, but have you ever thought that because Google is used now by habit by so many users and the rather vague distinction between ads and organic listings that can easily trick the non tech minded people that Google may aim to make the organic search results lesser quality to the ads at the top in the effort to improve the click through rate of the ads (CTR). One way Google can and actually is doing to effect the organic search results so that the ads at the top become the best match for users queries is to get rid of websites from the organic listings entirely under the guise that their algorithm have picked up the site as being spam. Google like many other search engines use links to determine if a site is quality or not and puts a lot more emphasis on this than the actual content of a site…. If the algorithm named penguin detects (quite often effecting sites that are not spam) that your website has unnatural links it then automatically pushes that website out of sight in the search results. Because anyone can create links to a site this has given rise to negative seo were competitor website will go out of their way to spam a competing website url everywhere they can on spammy website in order to get their competitor penalized by the penguin algorithm, however this does not concern Google as it is something along diminishing the organic search results that will help Google gain more adwords customers as more small websites that get penalized like this move over to adwords just to be seen.

Google is getting a lot harsher on websites that build links so much so that it has became impossible for website to even link to each other in fear of what Google might think about that link.
With many search queries searchers are being exposed to more and more ads and google properties than ever before it is obvious some that these are not the only results that are potentially available on the internet but Google simply does not want to to show the rest if it is not in their best interest, though many assume that what Google is showing them IS all the available results and simply do not understand that Google may have removed quite a few potential matches to their query… many trust Google to display all the results but are unaware Google is not.. The internet and search engines are a crucial part of communication and even society and search engines are the gateway to finding new information without them it would be near impossible to find what you are looking for, Search engines justĀ  like a library categories and sort out the Internets information and like I said many take what they see on the search results as the collection of all the results possible for their query and nothing has been held back thus search engines have a level of responsibility but Google is exploiting this and peoples trust.

You could argue that it is impossibly hard for a search engine to accurately sort the internet and display spam free search results and the penguin algorithm along with the panda algorithm which monitors the actual quality of a site may make mistakes so Google hire thousands of manual reviewers who actually review the internet and have the power to totally remove website that it deems as “spam” form the search results. Because their decision to remove a website is based solely on their own subjective opinion it is questionable as to what sites may be removed solely on the premiss that the manual reviewer does not like what he or she sees on that website and not because it is “spam”.

Manual reviewers will also check to see whether a website is actively selling paid links or being involved in link scheme. As according to Google policy paid for links must not pass link juice and instead should be no follow as to not effect search engines rankings. Yet there has been cases where websites have been penalized upon review on the basis that the website has been involved in a paid link scheme even though they haven’t… Manual reviewers use their judgement to determine if a link is paid for or not and this can become extremely subjective if the website does not actually say that a websites bought a link or not, so mistakes can be made and because the more sites that are penalized and the level of control Google now has in controlling the way people link to each other and the fact that the only acceptable links that are paid for and do not have the rel=”no-follow” tag are Google adwords it gives Google a further edge on the internet.

Online commerce is becoming impossible for small website to get started thanks to google. With such a biased to super brand websites like amazon and ebay (which usually means the top results are dominated by these obvious choice and searcher will then be compelled to go to either google adwords or google shopping results to find alternatives) an easy option to fill the results with it really makes it hard and creates a real need for website to create lots of link to even be able to be in with a chance of competition however this is against googles guidelines and will resort to your website being penalized in the search engine though. It is now also impossible for website to promote their website on other website in fear as being labeled a spammer as gogole and other super giants have created a notion that linking to any external unknown website no matter how useful or good it might be and no matter how you do it is spam and the fear google has created in webmasters to not allow this to happen or else their website may be penalized for linking to “spam” websites means that small businesses have no where to go… only adwords or google shopping.

The internet has become a really important part of peoples social and business lives. Search engines have been around since the World wide web began in the early 90’s and it has been the search engines that have made order of and made it possible to surf the internet quickly and efficiently because search engines are so important and without them the internet would not function properly it also means that search engines must be responsible and not exploit their position as they are too trusted and accepted by the general public. Ignoring the issues I have mentioned above would be foolish and niave, after all now the internet is such a big part of our lives if one single company has vast control over the availability of what we see on the internet then this is truly bad!

The government must act! If this is not exploitative and using their competitive edge to destroy other competitors then I do not know what else is!