Enjoy your time in Hell Googler!


Google executives have a lot of cash… Larry page and Sergey Brinn who created Google are estimated to worth around $30 billion yet they are still after more and the way these Google executive get more is by wrecking other peoples businesses. They are fueled by greed however let this be a reminder to be a GOOD PERSON! You cannot take your money with you when you die. If you are not a good person your going to go to hell no matter how rich you are.

In the news today a Google executive has died in a car crash unfortunately it wasn’t Larry Page or Sergey Brinn.. but it was a high ranking “Googler” from the UK thus evil. There is no name out there at the minute of who the executive was but this does go to show that evil greedy people cannot have their cake and eat it!
This comes only a couple of weeks ago another Google executive died on top of mount Everest when the nepal earthquake struck.

It is highly unlikely that the Google executive saw the car crash coming and so probably didn’t repent from his greedy ways.. I guess the Google project to find ways to live forever didnt work then for this executive.

Google actively seeks and destroys peoples online businesses (because anyone not paying google and making money via Google search is stealing according to Larry page(he actually said that)). Google knows that 90% of online businesses are reliant on search traffic yet Google having a 80% search engine market share tries exploits and censors many peoples online websites.. just so they can push more people into buying adwords.
In some cases Google will kill a site all together by removing the website entirely from the search index meaning nobody will realistically see that site ever again. Why? Well Google will say it is because of pure spam claiming the site is gibberish or using erogenous spam techniques.. in many cases these sites are not spam at all. It just there greed at work!