Google is Anti Competitive


Google deceives consumers even more, a line must be drawn! Though Google doesnt seem to think so and has recently removed its own line separator which helps distinguish ads from normal listings further blending the ads into the normal results. With no separation between ads and normal results Google is deceiving its users and breaking anti competitive laws harming consumers.
Through out the year we have documented the changes that Google has made to its ads.. all the changes Google has made has blurred the distinction between ads and organic listings there have been no changes to improve the distinction. The problem is so bad (considering that google has a monopoly on internet search and thus a huge grip on the internet) the eu is putting forward a case against Google that it is being anti competitive and harming consumers. Google has 10 weeks to respond to EU claims that Google is being anti competitive and is being BIASED by showing its own properties such as Google shopping in front of everything else. If the EU case against Google comes to the conclusion that Google is breaking the law (which is obviously is) Google could be forced to change how it displays its ad and could be fined up to 10% of Google’s global profits.. which equates to around £4.4 billion.

As always Google stands by its ads and deception which the arrogant response that they are not anti competitive.

PS, If you thought their ads were anti competitive wait till they unleash their plans to rank sites based upon facts which will take anti competitive behavior to a whole new level.