Google ranking sites based upon facts


Google maybe planning to rank sites based upon the facts (according to what Google thinks is right or wrong) instead of ranking factors used at the moment such as links. If Google incorporates the technology it has bragged about in a recent scientific paper Google could use it to censor information that it does not want being seen by any of its 1 billion unique visitors per month giving them the power to extinguish any ideologies that go against Google’s own! Controlling what information is seen and what is not is a power no company should ever have and has dire consequences for us all!

Why this is bad for freedom of speech!

As the internet grows and more and more people get connected to the internet the is now the most used way of gaining and communicating information in our informational age, freedom of speech and a uncensored internet is vital therefore for both freedom, democracy, society and culture. However Google may have plans to control the availability of information on the internet through censoring websites that it deems to be communicating ideas that goes against the points of view of Google.

Search engines are and have always have been a utility of the internet to find information and websites that they do not know about already.
Google’s worldwide search engine market share is a staggering 88% with the next popular search engines Yahoo and Bing trialling behind both at 4% which goes to show Google monopoly and tight grip it has on internet search. It is quite reasonable then to say that to be seen by the vast majority of people your site needs to be on Google else you wont be found!

Many websites have already fallen fowl to Googles “lack of morals” as many small websites have been penalized by algorithms named by Google as penguins and panda created to to reduce spam on Google but with the added benefit of penalizing small sites as well pushing them out of site and forcing them to buy view-ability via adwords.

However things are about to get a lot worse for website owners and for freedom of speech on the internet!

With Google huge market share it is no surprise that Google wants to take full advantage of it. A recent paper Google has published suggests Google’s plans to control what information can be seen on the internet once and for all! If Google does what it outlines in its research paper about ranking sites according to facts by checking facts against facts it has in its knowledge Google could easily then censor any website that publishes “information” on the internet that Google does not want people to see!

In the research paper Google explains that it wants to make the internet a more truthful place and to get rid of popular high page rank websites that now rank at the top of the search engines but show information that is not true. However the technique used to extract facts from a site and to evaluate them with the knowledge base would take a lot of effort and computer power to simply eliminate  popular website from the search engines that are ranking because other websites owners actually liked what the site has had to say regardless of whether the information in googles eyes  is right or not and linked to them. This is implies that there is something more to it it than just demoting these kind of websites.

No more innovation
With Googles massive market share along with the fact that Google has already destroyed many websites many will not want to get on the wrong side of google this will mean that many will not want to write anything that maybe considered by google as not “right” this will starve the internet of original ideas and information as the vast majority of websites owners aim to create content based upon knowledge based facts(most facts from the knowledge base are ripped from wikiepdia)

Used to censor the internet of ideas Google doesn’t like
It is important to mention now that Google is one of the biggest government lobbyist in the US which goes to show there lack of respect for democracy.. and your freedom. Google really couldn’t careless about the general public and if they incorporate the technology published in their research paper they could easily use it to manipulate the search results to penalize sites that publish opinions of ideas that are “incorrect” allowing Google to manipulate everyone’s knowledge of what right or wrong across the world! Google will be able to censor freedom of speech and to promote only what it wants to be promoted for its own gain!