Ommited results wrecking sites rankings


Concerned business owners are facing a huge problem at the moment online.. the problem is Google! Google is actively destroying business online (with the motivation of driving more business to using adwords). One concerned website owner who owns a health website is being deindexded by Google thanks to spammers ripping off his content. Here is what he has to say.

“My main keywords have recently dropped overnight after a spammer has been re-posting sentences from our site onto spam websites.. How are they doing it? Well it is quite easy really

The process most likely used:

-Scrapebox with “site:” or xenu link sleuth to scrape list of urls of sites

-Then simply using a program (which there are many) you scrape content of those pages.

-With scraped content using sentence level spinning mash together sentences

-Inject links with chosen anchor text

-Using script automatically post gibberish to the hacked pages.

My sites content or rather should I say sentences from all the pages of my site are appearing on thousands upon thousands of hacked pages which has caused my main keyword not to become penalized but to disappear totally… After a bit of digging I was able to find my result after reaching the end of the search results and looking at the omitted results… my site was then in the same place it had always been.

This potentially means that you can get a site deindxed from google without even creating bad links or bad content.. just repeating the content that is on the site on thousands of other websites… causing it to be omitted from the result page. BECAUSE THE HACKER SPAMMER IS CONSTANTLY CREATING THIS GIBBERISH… GOOGLE may always omit my result even if they value mine as the original content new fresh duplicate spam gets created causing Google to push my result back into the omitted results whilst Google reevaluates everything.

Things to note
-Because things are done at sentence level, google may get confused and decided because so many of my sentences show up on the internet that I might be content stitching to create articles.
-When searching my brand name thousands of spam sites appear under my site. If google uses branding to establish authority in may connect my brand name with spam.
-There are far to many spam pages which are getting created each day for me to send dmcas.
-I know that my site is not considered spam because in the omitted results I am still in the same position and have not moved.”