Health Snakeoil on the internet


If you were to search for any health related query on a search engine you will find that the results will be inundated by spam and snaekoil! For “high competition keywords” as internet marketers the health and well being of the person reading the snaekoil is of little concern to the spammers and scammers on the internet what matter to them most is how much profit they can get out of it.

One of the most abused niches in the health industry for snakeoil and the peddling of dangerous drugs is the “How to grow taller niche”. If you simple search “how to grow taller” in google at this moment you will be bombarded with site after site of dangerous information and lies. Many of the websites are affiliate websites ran by people with zero medical knowledge yet boast knowing the “medical secrets” of growing taller! Some of these scam website simply try to sell you a book on the subject that is often full up with obvious, generalized or freely available information that you can find elsewhere. There are some more sinister websites however that try to sell you illegal human growth hormone which can prove potentially lethal.

Another niche being exploited is the “insoles” niche the insoles niche is not as deadly as the how to grow taller niche but it still can leave consumers out of pocket. Disguised as physiotherapists online businesses are selling people insoles and other footcare products through inaccurate medical advise on their “blogs”.

More regulation most be done by the search engines to ensure people do not stumble on these scam websites.