How to block ads


Sick of all the annoying ads? Trying to watch something on youtube but you are constantly getting interrupted by freaky voiced people popping up trying to sell you something… You can do something about it…. Ad block edge.

If that one doesnt work there are various other ad blocking plugins that you can install onto your browser which will mean you dont have to worry about being exploited and used for commercial purposes!

There are many reason why you might want to block ads yes because they are annoying is one reason but also they can be manipulative. Take for example search engine ads which tend to push down normal search results down the page, the search engine ads are becoming harder and harder to actually tell if they are ads or not as sneaky (and greedy) search engines “blend” the ads into the search results, and as anyone can buy these ads at the top the search engines and if you click on them you will not be getting the best deals, prices or trusted companies. Many scam websites will use ads to promote and get traffic to their websites as it is does not require building trust and reputation that the normal search results do (SEO, require links that signify popularity and trust of a website from one site to the next which can take a long time to build and establish a website high up in the search results) so you are far more likely to being scammed with ads. Studies have also shown that ads prove to be the worst thing for consumers when choosing to buy something as only websites that can “afford” to bid high for the ads will show up this often then reflects in the cost of the product as well meaning the consumer doesn’t get the best deal and studies have shown this.
Another reason why you might want to block ads from diaplying is that that adverts can contain harmfull malware that can be atuomatically added to your computer via cookies or you may have seen trick ads that are commonly found on upload sites that are made to look like download buttons and when you click on the ads they start to download virsues to your computer.
Malware is bad for security and privacy but even non malware ads can be a threat to your privacy as they upload tracking cookies to your computer.

Not all adblocking plugins can be trusted, Adblocker plus for example is not the best one to go for because it does not block all ads and in fact gets paid by the likes of google not to block some of their ads (acceptable ads list)! They do have a option to turn off all ads completely but this is hidden away somewhere in there settings. It has to be noted that Adblock plus does have some guidelines that the ads must comply with to be accepted on the acceptable ads list. But many people will not realize this and this may further confuse people.. as if they presume they have turned off all ads yet the ads are still showing they may think that the ads are showing are not ads because they have adblocker plus turned on! The FTC in my opinion must look into this.

Adblock edge on the other hand is fast and does block all ads completely by default.





  1. THis adblocker really was a life saver for me!!!! NO MORE ADS! YAY! I use my mobile to surf the web more and more now but mobile ads are a growing problem at the moment and makes browsing the internet a real pain in the neck at times!