Anti trust case between google and the EU settled


The anti trust settlement between Google and the EU has according to the chief of antitrust cases Joaquín Almunia says that it is pretty much done and  settled over at the EU as he deems the measures Google is taking are reasonable despite major criticism which pose a huge and strong argument against the planned changed which could ACTUALLY cause more exploitation of both consumers and retailers. The proposed changes will mean rival company’s can have branded links placed on google search results for a fee (begging the question as to what really makes this any different to an AD!)

Many are arguing that the planned changes would simply push organic search results even further down the page and after all it is the organic search results that searchers are looking for then why hasn’t the EU pushed for more visibility of these results? Many are speculating that something doesn’t seem right and all of this goes to show how the EU is against small businesses as they through out the case have emphasized that they are doing this for the consumers only  and not for competition which is what anti competition really focuses on but why can not the EU kill two birds with one stone and help drive traffic to small business through improving organic search results visibility and give what consumers need by providing unbiased and what they are looking for through the organic listings? But the EU chooses the option which only big business can afford, a branded paid listing on google which many businesses cannot take advantage of (even paid google ads are dominated by big businesses as only the biggest can spare the money to bid on ads). Something really does not seem right.. I smell something FISHY!

To me the only winners with the new planned changes to google are google themselves and those big brand businesses that can afford the extra charge to be displayed and not the consumers who will now just get more ads thrown in their faces rather than reliable and unbiased search results.