Google new layout design exploitative


If you are wandering whether something changes about google’s layout of the search results then you would be right. Google has rolled out a update for all searchers to in cooperate a new design after months of tests and swapping between the new and old layout design.

The new layout has been created to be “clearer” and “easier” to read than the old one…. the changes induce a change in font size, removing the underlining of titles in the search results but the most important changes come to the ads by removing the color block from the ad section and reducing the line size which separates the ads from the rest of the listings means the ads are more blended into the organic listings which makes it very hard to tell what is a ad and what is not.

Here is a screenshot of the new layout:

new layout
it really is quite difficult to tell what is a ad and what is not

It is very important to clearly label what are ads and what are not on search engines otherwise it is a breach of law and exploits consumers, there is no doubt in my mind that these recent changes make it harder for users to tell what are ads and what are not… the ads maybe labeled as so with a small “ad” label but for the non tech savvy this could easily be misinterpreted as another odd button for instance some sort of social sharing button.


Lets hope anti trust laws take effect and get rid of this very exploitative layout.


  1. The “ad” label could mean anything as it does not actually an explanation…

    I think Google will just get away with this as well…… as the EU who have no real connection to google an American company settled an anti trust settlement which in effect benefited google and made the results even more exploitative which will push organic results further down the page which are obviously the best results for searchers …… so I doubt anything will come of this from anti trust laws and what not as the governments are not interested in protecting consumers.

  2. You also have to remember with Google search is that Google shopping results will be positioned in the middle of the screen for many desktop users, whereas the actual search results will be more often than not now seemingly pushed away in the low right hand of the screen.

  3. The funny thing is that only google ads are allowed images now which is so funny and the google shopping results are ads but they are impossible to tell that they are.

    Nobody I know who I have asked has thought that the google shopping results are ads and are quite shocked to find out when I tell them (because with ads where sites buy themselves to the top you are far more likely to be scammed and the seller just runs off with your money!).