US Domain scam


There is a rising trend of using domains such as .us to create a word or phrase (often referred to as hack domains) such as even the official providers of the us domain extension neustar are using to tell people more about the us domain extension, it is therefore easy to see why so many people will choose this domain without even thinking of the connection it has with the united states and are simply using it to create a trendy sounding domain name without even being from the US.¬† However it is against neustar’s policy for people to register a .us domain without actually being in the us or have any business in the us, but regardless of this fact that has seen many peoples domains being deleted without refund by neustar for being outside of the US even though upon registration this fact is not mentioned to them. Take for example godaddy auctions were plenty of .us domains are being auctioned off to the highest bidder but no mention that you could potentially loose the domain if you are not a us citizen or have business in the US. Neustar have even deleted domains that have cost buyers in auction thousands of dollars. is one of those domains that has been deleted because the owner was not a US citizen. In auction it was sold  for $75, 000 only for it to be deleted by neustar 10 months later. It was then available again and bought by a domain auctioneer, the domain then went up for auction yet again and sold for $18 500 but again neustar took action because the winner of the auction had no connection to the US, in both instances no refund was given. Neustar and the domain auctioneers were the only ones to gain whereas the winners both were servery out of pocket and no mention the risk that the domain could be taken away from you even after paying was mentioned on both occasions.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t get a US domain especially if you are outside of the US!

-One of the conditions that Neustar has is that domains cannot have private whois, which in this day and age is needed as not having it can lead very private information such as your home phone number and address up for grabs for anyone to get hold of just through a simple whois search.



  1. neustar US domain website links to neustar biz website (I am not goignt o provide a link due to the fact that I do not not to provide them with a backlink) this is curious as it looks as though neustar is a private marketing company yet can get this massive responsibility of monitoring us domains… which it looks as though they are exploiting there position.