Why you shouldnt use google shopping results


Bing calls what google is doing to consumers as being “scroogled” even though Bing’s motives behind their campaign against google shopping is really so they can help boost their on paid shopping results feature on bing but you cannot argue that Google is “scroogling consumers”..

Searchers looking to buy items are often “fooled” into going with google shopping results that more often than not are displayed on product searches… as a recent FT study points out, 80% of the products listed in gogole product showcase are on average 30% more expensive than shopping results hidden further down in the organic search results and even in the google shopping results. This clearly shows that the business that can “afford” rank high to use google shopping results tend to be the ones that reflect the extra cost of using google shopping results in their prices and are much more expensive than others… that is because to rank highly in google shopping you must be willing to throw more money at google. Consumers are found to get much better bargains by shopping and price comparison websites such as shopzilla and nextag.

With some search queries displaying more ads than actual organic listings that often cost a premium due to price gouging that occurs to cover the extra cost of ranking on google it puts questionable doubt google intentions to displaying unbiased search results…. with many claiming google is deliberately making the organic search results full of well known and obvious choices such as amazon and ebay and penalizing all others “for spamming” making google shopping results the next stop for searchers to go further increasing ctr and googles revenue. Google’s intention is not to help consumers find the best deal but to get searchers clicking ads as after all this is how google makes it money…

With more small businesses being pushed out of the organic search results and the organic search results being pushed below the fold means that many small businesses only option is to buy into adwords further pushing up competition and bidding prices for ad space with the increased PPC prices means prices continue to rise and only the ones that can afford to take the hit will survive.