The Immoral media


Here at MediaWatchGlobal we like to be a soapbox for people to raise their concerns about the media and recently a concerned person from the Uk has emailed me his concerns about the way the media is effecting society, here is what he has got to say….

“Over the last couple of years the media has changed so much and not for the better. You only have to look at the music industry or turn on your tv to see what I mean. What we see on the media no doubt has a huge implications to our society as people grow up with and mimic what they see “stars” do in the media and tries to be just like them as it is the latest trend.

This is quite dangerous and has contributed to the moral decline of society… as people idealize false and superficial role models and with the medias constant promotion of immorality which usually has the biggest potential and easiest to create and sell to people means that society now looks at immorality as the norm and those that go against what the media are doing are just not “cool”. Evolution has created the trait in humans to feel safer in numbers and this has led the rise of them following like sheep what they see on the media as it is what everyone else is doing even if it is immoral… the media knows this and is exploiting this.”

Do you think that the moral decline of the media is effecting society and morals?