Google hypercrits


Google are simply hyper-critics reason being is that google will deindex any site that breaks there webmasters guidelines yet google itself goes against just about every guideline in their book. Google will take manual action and will deindex website that scrape from other websites and republish content (much of the internet about 30% is duplicate content)  even if you have permission to do so. Google is just one big scraper site though scraping and publishing under the doctrine of fair use other people content and making money from off the back of other content creators. The hypocrisy doesn’t just stop there though, google also will penalize website that show too many ads or ads that are showing above the fold (above the content) and also website that are designed just to create ad clicks, however one could easily argue that google is doing just that and the vast majority of search results excluding (search results that have no competition and thus are not sought after by advertisers) are mostly ads with 10 organic listings and upto 20 ads showing in some results.

But when a business has so much control it is easy to dictate to other websites what to do and what not to do.

Google is a parasite and a rich one at that.