Google censoring search


More and more websites are being penalized and are  being taken entirely off the search engines because these sites violate search engines guidelines. This is especially the case with google who have taken it upon themselves to get rid of any websites off their search engine which they do not like the look of either manually or using algos to do so. Google uses the guise of spam to demote websites that it disagrees with. This maybe a very bold claim but it is very true and has given rise to many webmaster concerned that google is doing this for monetary gain as websites that have been removed from the organic listings will even though the websites look like “spam” and according to google are not good enough to be listed on organic listings can be accepted to be a part of adwords and get their listings added above the organic listings if they pay enough.

Spam links poitning to a website can be one of the reasons why google may choice to “penalize” your website and make it vanish form the listings this has given rise to negative seo whereby seo will deliberately spam links of the competitors everywhere in a effort to get that website penalized. As you can see form this what links are pointing to your site is out of your control and tactics like this are being used to get your site removed yet google are still persisting to penalize websites based on the links pointing to a site even though links do not change the actual quality of content on a website. Negative seo actually is good for google and the fact that many small business are being penalized or cannot compete with the apparent biased google has towards huge websites like ebay and amazon as these small business will then have to (for survival) move to adwords just to be listed thus increasing the price of the listings equaling more profits for the greedy folks at google.

What google is doing is truly morally wrong and evil(ironic that googles motto is dont be evil, maybe this is a ironic joke?)

Google censoring listings also can have political and social implications as search results are for most the way of finding information about the world.. as the internet tops the number 1 media and information source used by people in the world. If google choices not to show a particular website under the guise of spam a objective opinion in itself then it could be seen in the future however this may already be the case (more research must be done) that google could start censoring opinions that it disagrees with or ones that could be detrimental to google for example this article.

Most people assume that if something doesn’t pop up on the search results then it must not exist and do not realize that there are a whole millions of websites which are not spam that will simply not appear in the search results of google because google does not want to show these websites to the searchers for whatever reason.