Google ads unclear


Google have recently been for some searchers displaying ads at the top of the search results that are really quite hard to tell that these listing are actually ads at all.

It is really important that any search engines especially one that dominates such a large amount of the search engine market share is responsible and does not try to exploit it dominance after all the internet is now such a integral part of communication and thus society in the modern technology age. Showing ads at the top of the search results in such a deceiving way as google is doing that fools people into believing that they are not ads is illegal.¬†Google is now using small “Ad” labels and a small line below the ads to distinguish them from the other search results however this is insufficient labeling especially when on the internet you just about have small labels labeling everything and a non tech savvy users may simply dismiss these “ad” labels as a simple button or something else and not a indication that the listings are sponsored.