Google and ryanair team up to create flight Search and Comparison Tool


Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary has said how Ryanair is teaming up with Google to create a online flight comparison search tool for flyers to use to find the best and the cheapest flights available in a interview with the Irish independent newspaper recently. It is also worth pointing out that there could be a considerable bias towards Ryanair on this flight search engine because of the partnership. Will google succeed in this new venture here at mediawatchglobal we hope not as it means another industry becomes manipulated and the general public tricked and deceived. There are many independent flight search and comparison websites out there that have not teamed up with airline company so you know what they are offering you is not biased towards one particular company. This new google flight comparison engine will be launched in march. Many existing flight comparison websites are also concerned that there search results will now be effected on the leading search engine and pushed down (With the usual excuse of the panda algorithm presumably, that the websites have all a sudden been detected as low value to searchers) in order to promote use of Google’s own flight comparison tool instead.

This goes to show googles persistence and also greed in dominating every avenue on the internet.Is there no online niche Google will not try to dominate in?