Google forcing businesses to buy ads


Google does not care for quality search results or for their searchers. This is a bold statement but this is what someone feels who has recently emailed me in regard to googles actions. The guy who emailed me was concerned and quite frankly angry at google this is the email that I was sent.

“Dear MediaWatch,

I would like you to possible write a small post on google as I am quite worried that google is being exploitative and are using their position of dominance on the internet to take advantage webmasters. Recently my site was penalized by Google and I inquired as to why after ranking for number 1 for my targeted keywords for over 10 years I and my website had established itself as the number one authority in my niche giving people exactly what they wanted and to be honest my website is the best website for my niche offering people accuracy and depth that made my website gain natural links. However since googles recent algo updates my website totally disappeared of google. The only traffic I received was from google adwords. I emailed google to find a possible way to improve my rankings and regain my traffic. I was then passed around until eventually I talked to a google adviser. He did not offer any advise on how I could regain my ranking instead he simply told me that to regain my lost traffic form the updates I would have to buy it through more ads. I asked him why? I also questioned why is it okay for my website to be listed on the ads at the top if I pay for them but my website cannot be listed anywhere insight on the organic listings… he did not answer. I have came to the conclusion that google will penalize sites no matter how good the website in question is just to put to force the webmaster into buying ads. Since then I have cancelled my adwords account as I dont not want to do business with scammers…I know that I will not be making a huge dent in Google vast bank account but I stand by my actions because my site is so good I still get direct traffic to my website, it is googles lose that my site is not longer ranking in the serp as the search results are now filled with garbage and useless websites that offer nothing to searchers. ”

This email says it all. Luckily this person had been getting plenty of direct traffic and was not to reliant on google referrals so he did not lose his business but it did make a big hit on it. If this was someone who was so tied to google then they may very well had to comply with googles extortion to survive.

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