Dont be evil google



Should google be able to dictate to web site owners what should or shouldn’t be on their websites? Now that really is a question and one that is dividing opinion in the online media world. Many media distributors such as news websites, blogs, video sites, forums.. you get the idea.. any website really on the internet rely on search engine traffic to be found and appreciated by other people. From when the internet began search engines have been the number one place to go to discover things on the internet, search engines are what connect the internet together and make is accessible. However since the early days when searchers would have a wide selection of search engines to use the concentration of searchers using google to surf the web has escalated so much so that google now holds more than 70% of the total search engine market worldwide. You could argue that the reason that searcher use google over other is that google is innovative and gives the best results however recent anaylis from different search engine watchdogs has shown that results from bing and other search engines are just as good as those on google. The biggest reason as to why many many people use google is the fact that these internet users “think” google is the best and are in the habit of typing google into the address bar. Other reasons are that google is the default search engine for firefox, google chrome among other major browsers. This has fueled google power and dominance in search and has allowed google to put webmaster to ransom, if webmaster do not abide by googles rules google will penalize or even deindex sites entirely. Some may argue that google is a private company and should be able to what they like but having vast control over the internet and thus what is published on the internet goes far beyond the powers of even a government. Because so many people search using google then sites that cannot be found on google are essentially wiped off the internet. The wordl wide web is a network of websites all linking to each other and google is in the center of this network and with the power to silence websites and competition that get in its way. You may not deleted from the internet but google does have the power to isolate your site from the rest of the internet by making it much harder for our website to be found, so if your website is hard to find then you could say that it does not really exist.

This make google a monopoly.

In a previous article I highlighted how google is exploiting its power to try to destroy linking between websites which will in effect make the web more isolated and dependent on google in order for websites to be found as sites will fear linking to each other because they maybe penalized.