Google shopping results deceiving shoppers


google-shopping-resultsA reader of the Mwglobal blog has recently emailed me his concerns that Google is trying to deceive shoppers. He told me the incorrect and misleading information provided on the Google shopping results icon that has been added in order to inform users that what they are looking at are sponsored listings. In this information Google makes out with and I quote “google may be compensated by some of these…” implying that some listings may in fact not been sponsored at all. This however is not the case as all listings are paid for since Google made all product venders on Google shopping need to pay to be listed earlier in 2013. This is typical of Google once again trying to bend the rules.

Google decided upon making vendors pay on the grounds that it “improves” quality of products and services listed if vendors must pay to be displayed. However many are arguing that it is just simply google exercising its powers and monopoly on the internet which has allowed it to now basically have a google tax for shoppers that rely on search for customers which are often small businesses which just simply cannot compete in organic listings with super brands such as ebay and amazon to name a few. This is crushing small businesses online to the extent some small business have had to fold as even with being listed on google shopping these small business simply cannot compete on price either which is a criteria that helps draw your listing to the top of the Google shopping results.

You cannot argue that the wording of the information on the sponsored label is very misleading but the real question is was this Google’s intention or a simple mistake?


  1. Google shopping is rubbish in my opinion and you are far more likely to be scammed if you go for a unknown vendor who has paid google a ton of money to be listed high than you are just to pick a result at the top of the organic results this is because organic results rank higher based on the level of trust the website has created through links which act as a bit like recommendations from other sites, this means that it takes time to develop and establish a trustworthy site that isn’t going to just take your money and run. Don’t trust Google shopping results I say.