Google controlling the internet


Google is at war with webmasters. Did you know that it is against Google’s guidelines and can result in your website vanishing from the search results if your has paid links on it that are do follow regardless of how great your site might very well be. This is because Google has lots of strict rules to help prevent people from “gaming” as Google likes to put it the search engine. However many are saying that this is just a excuse to help scare webmasters from even making any legitimate links in fear of getting caught up in the whole paid links penalties because paid links can only be caught manually from human review and is often very hard to tell if a link has been paid for or not especially when found in context of an article enabling Google to wipe out more competition as websites stop linking to each other meaning people need to search in order to find other websites rather than a website that is not Google recommending another site.

Google is a private company and has a duty give back to its investors and can rank what ever site they want where ever they want but with the power and influence Google has on the internet this behavior should be looked into as many webmasters rely on Google search traffic and therefore will do whatever they need to to stay on google. This gives Google immense powers over other peoples websites and the type of content that they are allowed to post and not post..should this really be allowed? If Google suddenly decided that all websites that speak out about a particular beleif should be deindexed from the search results and thus in effect barring that beleif from the internet as websites take down all references in accordance to Google’s rules then this would be really bad for media in genral and freedom of speech.